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How Do I Add Friends on Yahoo! 360°?


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About Yahoo! 360° Friends

Add friends to your Yahoo! 360° profile. Network with other people with similar interests on Yahoo! 360° or find old or new friends on Yahoo! 360°.

Yahoo! 360° lets you create a profile where you can meet friends, create reviews, share photos, write a blog and personalize so people know who you are. It even has a mailbox so you can contact other Yahoo! 360° members.

Invite your friends and family to create their own Yahoo! 360° profile too so you can keep connected with them. If you want to meet new friends online Yahoo! 360° provides ways to do that too.

  1. Invite Friends and Family
  2. Name / Nickname Search
  3. Email Address Search
  4. Discover New People
  5. Discover New People: Extended Options
  6. Finding People After Search
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