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"Guess the Emoji" Game Guide

Everyone seems to be playing "Guess the Emoji," a picture puzzle game, on smart phones. Here's how this addictive visual puzzle game works.

Meet Emojli, the All-Emoji Social Messaging App

Emojli is intended to be a visual messaging app devoted exclusively to communicating with emoji. Learn how this quirkyl social network works.

How to Use Emojis on the iPhone

Learn how to use emoji on your iPhone by activating your hidden, built-in emoji keyboard.

Facebook Groups Guide

Facebook Groups are a free, powerful feature of the world's largest social network. Here's how they work.

Facebook Profile Picture Size

Facebook profile pictures should be 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall, at a minimum. Here are a few other tips for good profile photos.

How Facebook Business Pages Work

Facebook business pages are profile pages set up by companies, nonprofits and organizations to communicate with users of the social network. Learn how they work.

Facebook Page: Definition

A Facebook Page is what the network calls profile pages set up by companies, nonprofits and organizations.

BAE: Twitter Slang Definition

BAE is Twitter slang and ghetto chat for "baby" but people use it to refer to other things, too.

The FBI Twitter Slang Book, ICYMI

The FBI has a social media slang book that compiles acronyms used on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. It's a hoot.

What Does Subtweet Mean? How about Subtweeting?

A subtweet is a message about someone that doesn't name that person. Subtweeting is also a trend on Twitter, with all kinds of associated memes.

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