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Instagram Video Tutorial, Step-by-Step, How To Guide


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Get Started Using Video for Instagram
Controls for activating Instagram video

Controls for activating Instagram video

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Video is a feature of Instagram that enables users of the app to record short video clips -- three to 15 seconds long -- simply by touching and holding down the recording button on their mobile phones.

Facebook owns Instagram, a popular photo-sharing app, and added the video recording feature in June 2013 to the mobile Instagram apps for both iOS and Android devices. This tutorial shows screen captures from the iPhone version, but the instructions apply equally to the Android interface since there is little difference.

How to Sign up for Instagram for Video?

To use it on your cell phone, first you have to download the free Instagram app and sign up for a free account. Video is simple a feature built into the app.

After you download the app, create an account and set up your Instagram profile, you'll simply sign in with your user name and password.

Turning on Your Video Camera

To shoot your first Instagram video, open the app and click on the small camera icon at the bottom of your app's screen. That will activate your phone's camera, and you'll see an Instagram menu around whatever your camera is viewing.

By default, the camera launches in still-camera shooting mode. To switch to video mode, click the small video camera icon that will appear to the right of the regular camera icon at the bottom of your screen. (See image No. 1 on the left above.)

Next, you'll see the video icon move to the center, where it will replace the blue still camera icon and turn red (as shown in image No. 2 on the right above.) Once that icon is red, you're ready to shoot.

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