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Winner of the Best Free Web Hosting Service Award is...

Google Sites Wins


On March 30, 2009 the poll began to find out who the best free Web hosting service is. The Best Free Web Hosting Service poll is not scientific and the results are based only on who the readers of Personal Web Pages on About.com think is the best free hosting service.

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The winner, with results over 50% in their favor, is... Google Sites!

The winner of the Best Free Hosting Service poll, Google Sites, was given the opportunity to answer some questions about Google Sites. Ten questions were given so you can learn more about Google Sites' free hosting service and what they plan for the future.

Answers provided by Scott Johnston, Senior Product Manager, Google Apps

  1. Q. What do you think makes Google Sites more popular than other free hosting services?

    A. Ease of use is a big attraction for users. Google Sites makes creating a team web site as easy as editing a document. People can quickly gather a variety of information in one place - including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text - and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, their entire organization, or the world.

    The product also makes it easy to work together on a site. Users can subscribe to get email notification of changes so they are always aware of what is changing on the site. Sites keeps version history of all changes meaning it is always easy to revert to earlier versions.

  2. Q. How much space does Google Sites offer for free?

    A. For consumers, Google Sites offers 100Mb per site. Domains using the Google Apps suite receive a 10Gb pool of storage for all their sites and Google Apps Premier edition customers get an additional 500Mb added to that pool for each user account. For more detail, see this help article: How much storage do I have in Google Sites?

  3. Q. Does Google Sites have any plans to offer social networking features on their websites (ie. YouTube integration, Facebook integration, blog creator)?

    A. We're definitely interested in continuing to make Google Sites more social. Users already have the ability to embed content from YouTube, Google Docs, Picasa slide shows, iGoogle gadgets and more. There are many iGoogle gadgets that allow you to embed twitter feeds, Facebook content, and other social product information.

  4. Q. Does Google have any plans on integrating some of the easy to use features found on Google Page Creator into Google Sites to make it more beginner friendly?

    A. Absolutely. We will be moving sites created on Google Pages over to Google Sites in June and users will see many Page Creator-like features added to Sites before this happens.

  5. Q. How many themes are now in place for people to use on their Google Sites websites?

    A. Users can currently choose from 23 packaged themes. These themes can all be customized by users to make the site a unique creation of their own. We'll also be adding the popular Page Creator themes to Google Sites before the migration.

  6. Q. Will Google Sites be adding any drag-and-drop features in the near future, especially for photos?

    A. Users can currently insert photos into pages and drag them to any location on the page. We will continue to improve this experience making it easier to pick photos and upload them to a Google Site.

  7. Q. Name some cool features that Google Sites has that other free website hosting providers don't have.

    A. Cool Google Sites Features

    • Google Sites doesn't require any technology expertise or knowledge of coding languages
    • Users can subscribe to get email notification of changes to the site
    • Version history is kept for all changes on a site
    • Files can be uploaded to a site and are automatically included in the search results within a site
    • Applications like blogs and lists can be easily added to the site
  8. Q. What kind of security features does Google Sites offer?

    A. Security is one of the great advantages to Google Sites. Users have direct control over who can see and edit their content. Users can restrict a site to a group of users, their organization, or make it public to the world. Site owners can invite users to view their site using their email address.

  9. Q. Which other Google content can be added into a Google Sites website (ie. documents, calendars, Gmail)?

    A. It's really easy to embed content from many other Google properties, including YouTube, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Picasa slide shows, iGoogle gadgets, and more.

  10. Q. What other information do you want to share with people who are creating personal websites using Google Sites?

    A. Google Sites makes it simple and easy to publish content online without any technology expertise. Not only that but it makes it easy to work together with others on this content. It works well for everybody from business and schools, to soccer teams and neighborhood groups. You are only seconds away from having a site, so head over to Google Sites to get started.

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