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MySpace Templates and Layouts

MySpace templates and layouts you can use to make your MySpace site more the way you want it to look. These MySpace templates and layouts will give you color and design to make your site more personal.

What Makes You Mad About the MySpace Website Editor? - MySpac…
What makes you mad about the MySpace website editor? I've been hearing lots of comments about how people's profiles are getting stuck and they can't be changed ever since the implementation of the 2.0 MySpace website editor. How about you? What about the MySpace website editor is making you mad?

MySpace Pimper.com MySpace Templates
Many MySpace templates for you to use on your MySpace profile. Find MySpace templates with heart backgrounds, cityscape MySpace templates, 3D, animals, sports, holidays, cars, brand names, scenery and many other MySpace templates.

Create Blog.com MySpace Templates
Choose from over 1000 different MySpace templates for your MySpace profile. These MySpace templates are out of the ordinary. The layouts for these MySpace templates are all over the place. Make your MySpace profile unique by using one of these extraordinary MySpace templates.

MySpace Layouts MySpace Templates
Over 500 MySpace templates to choose from. Each of these MySpace templates has a photo on the left with a design in the left column. Each of these MySpace templates has a different color scheme and a different background to choose from.

Free MySpace Layouts.org MySpace Templates
The backgrounds on these MySpace templates stay put when you scroll. The graphics, backgrounds and layouts of these MySpace templates are extraordinary. Look to the right to see the list of categories of all the MySpace layouts they have to offer.

EasyGifs.com - MySpace Layouts and more
Easy to use MySpace templates for your MySpace profile. This site also offers a lot more for your MySpace profile.

16 different categories of MySpace layouts for you to choose your layouts from. Create your own glitter by typing in your name or another word.

Layout Vault.com - MySpace Layouts
Over 2000 myspace layouts and backgrounds: Cute Myspace Layouts, Video Game Myspace Layouts, Christmas Myspace Layouts, Scary Myspace Layouts, TV Show Myspace Layouts, Movie Myspace Layouts, Cartoon Myspace Layouts and many more.

MySpace and Hi5 layouts and graphics, basic codes and tweaks.

Pyzam MySpace Layouts
MySpace layouts with actors and celebrities, cartoons, colleges, just for her, just for him, models, movies, music, video games, sports, religions and more.

Templates for MySpace
If you have a MySpace site but don't like the way it looks maybe you should try one of these templates. All kinds of MySpace templates for you to use to make your MySpace site look the way you think it should.

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