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How To Add a Photo to MySpace Comments


How To Add a Photo to MySpace Comments
Add a photo, clip art or other graphics to MySpace comments. If you want to send a comment to your friend, and you want the comment to have a photo, clip art or some other type of graphics, here's how to add your graphics to MySpace comments.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Log in to MySpace.

  2. Go to your friend's MySpace profile.

  3. Find the comment section on their MySpace profile and click on the link at the bottom of the comments section that says "Add Comment".

  4. Add this code to the comments box:


  5. Where you see http://URL_OF_PHOTO.jpg in the code, change this to whatever the address of your photo is on the Internet. This can be done by finding the photo on the Net and right clicking on it.... If you have Firefox choose "View Image", copy the address bar and paste it in.... If you have IE choose "Properties" and copy the address line and paste this in.

  6. Where you see TEXT HERE change this to whatever text you want to add under the photo. If you don't want text then delete


  7. Click the "Post a Comment" button.

  8. You'll see a preview of the post. If you like it click "Post a Comment". If you don't like the way it looks click "Edit" and make changes.

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