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MySpace - MySpace Templates, Tutorials and More

Find help with your MySpace profile and MySpace blog. Make your MySpace profile look better with templates. Learn how to use MySpace with these tutorials, including how to decorate your profile and add avatars.
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Sign Up for MySpace, Step by Step Tutorial
Sign up for MySpace to use the new music service introduced in 2013.

Get Rid of the Old MySpace Profile Editor Code
If you created your MySpace profile using the 1.0 version of the MySpace profile editor, and now you're stuck with a MySpace profile that you can't change, here's the fix.

Getting Started With MySpace and Beyond
MySpace is big, arguably the biggest social network on the Net today. So, how can you get in on the MySpace action? Once you do, how can you set up and design your own MySpace profile? These are some of the questions answered in this MySpace tour.

Email Tutorial: Build Your MySpace Site, 15 Minutes a Day
Each day you will receive something new you can do with your MySpace site.Learn to add photos, music, videos, a slideshow, backgrounds, avatars and more. You will even learn to create your own group page. Later you will learn even more.

What Is MySpace?
MySpace is a place where you can create a profile page that you can use to meet new friends. MySpace has a lot more to offer than that though. Find out what you can do with MySpace.

Create a MySpace.com Profile
MySpace allows you to sign up and create a profile for yourself so your friends can find you online and so you have a starting place for your online presence. If you would like to have a MySpace account here is what you need to do.

Create Lots of MySpace Layouts
Now you can create a whole bunch of MySpace layouts and keep them safe until you need them. Change up your MySpace layout whenever you want to, whether it's once a month or for every special occasion. Stylyrs lets you create your own MySpace layouts and even saves them for you on their site. Creating a MySpace layout and adding it to your profile is easy with Stylyrs.

12 Ways To Make Your MySpace Profile Better
There's more to a MySpace profile than just pretty pictures and cool videos though. You need to know what to write and how to write it. Writing about the right things will keep people coming back to your site again to see what's new and what's interesting.

How to Use the All New MySpace Profile Editor
Now updating your MySpace profile will be easier than ever. With the MySpace profile editor you'll be able to change the background on your MySpace profile, change the layout and style of your MySpace profile, change the way the text on your MySpace profile looks and more.

Revert Back to Old Profile in MySpace Profile Editor
You used the MySpace profile editor, but you don't like what you see. Now you want to change back to your old profile. Here's a tip to help you.

Edit MySpace Profile - Edit MySpace Profile With This Editor
Edit your MySpace profile with this easy to use MySpace profile editor. This MySpace profile editor will help you create the code you need to create a great looking MySpace profile. Just put what you want in the blanks on the MySpace profile editor and paste the code it gives you into your MySpace profile.

Hack Your MySpace Profile With These Codes
Add these little codes into your MySpace profile and you can change the way your MySpace profile looks and operates. There are MySpace codes to: hide your MySpace friends list, hide your age and location, add a scroll bar to your MySpace friends list, hide your contact box, and many more.

Change Your MySpace Theme
MySpace has come up with already made MySpace themes that you can use for your MySpace profile. Here's how you can add your own MySpace theme automatically.

Add Backgrounds to MySpace
Change the background on your MySpace profile. There's a plethora of MySpace backgrounds on the Net for you to use. Utilize these MySpace backgrounds and add them to your MySpace profile.

Add Videos To MySpace
You have your cool MySpace site and now you want to add your favorite videos to it. MySpace is full of videos you can add to your MySpace site for free. Find out how you can add your favorite MySpace videos to your MySpace profile with this tutorial.

Add MySpace Avatars To Your MySpace Profile
Add a MySpace avatar to your MySpace profile. You can add a MySpace avatar anywhere in your MySpace profile. A MySpace avatar is a little picture you can add to your MySpace profile to add personality to your MySpace profile or to make your MySpace profile make a statement.

MySpace IM - Instant Messaging for MySpace
Keep in touch with your MySpace friends like never before. With MySpace instant messaging you can instant message your friends anytime you want. On top of that you can do many MySpace things with just one click such as view profiles, send alerts, send photos, stream music and much more.

Add Toys To MySpace
Make your MySpace page even more fun by adding some toys to it. Add post it notes, fridge magnets, virtual pets and more to your MySpace page. It is really easy to add some toys to your MySpace page and it will give your visitors minutes of enjoyment.

Add Games & Gadgets to MySpace
A live weather, radio, clock, to do list, countdown and pregnancy calendar are just a few of the things you'll find to add to your MySpace profile on LabPixies. You'll also find a variety of games such as Sudoku, Invaders, Dots, Memory, Defender, Poker, Blackjack and many more. Find out how you can add these games and gadgets to your MySpace profile.

Your MySpace Valentine
Post a Valentine Day greeting in your comments section and you can change the layout and style of your profile for the Valentine's Day season. Send Valentine's to your MySpace friends by posting a Valentine on their comments section.

Mother's Day eGifts for MySpace, Facebook and Twitter
Here are some cute little things you can post to MySpace, Facebook or Twitter for Mother's Day.

Top MySpace Tools for Firefox
"The following Firefox tools, ranging from user scripts to extensions, allow you to take control of MySpace and tweak it to your liking." ~Scott Orgera, Guide to Web Browsers

Create a MySpace Group Page
Create your own MySpace group and invite people to join. First you need to build a great MySpace group page. Get started creating your own MySpace group page.

Add "Where I've Been Map" to MySpace
With the "Where "I've Been" map you click on the places you've been, or would like to go. Each click changes the color of the map for that country, state or province. Mark one color for the places you've been, another color for the places you've lived and a third color for the places you would like to visit one day.

Film Makers, Bands and Comedians Welcome on MySpace
MySpace does more than just personal profile pages that let you connect to your friends online. MySpace also hosts profiles for bands, film makers and comedians. When you create a specialized MySpace profile for your band or for your film making or comedy career you'll be able to do more than just connect with your friends.

MySpace Feature: Who Might You Know?
Find out what MySpace already knows. You may have friends on MySpace and not even know it. Find out who they are with the MySpace "Who Might You Know" feature.

6 MySpace Privacy Features
Maybe you want to keep strangers from being added to your MySpace friend list. Or you want to keep spam out of your MySpace comments. Or you want to keep people you don't know from reading your MySpace profile. These are all things you can do on MySpace. Click "My Account" on MySpace and let me whoe you how.

Make MySpace a Private Space
You want to create your own private social network on MySpace but you don't want other MySpace members sending you messages or even seeing your profile. Make your MySpace your own private space. Your MySpace friends can still see your profile and send you messages, but no one else.

MySpace does not have to be public. You can make your MySpace page as private or public as you want it to be by changing some settings.

Add a Clock to Your MySpace
World Time Server is offering you the ability to add their clocks right to your website. Choose from a 12 hour clock or a 24 hour clock. The clocks are customizable too. Choose the color you want so it will match the rest of your website. Decide how big you want it to be, anywhere from 100px to 300px. Then choose your time zone so the time will be right.

How To Cancel Your MySpace Account
You opened a MySpace account, but you don't want your MySpace profile anymore. For whatever reason you want to cancel your account. Here are some simple instructions to tell you how to close your MySpace account in minutes.

Unofficial MySpace Toolbar
"The Unofficial MySpace Toolbar is a Firefox add-on which incorporates the most popular features of the social networking site such as messaging, commenting, and blogging into a browser toolbar." ~Scott Orgera, About.com Guide to Web Browsers

MySpace Questions Answered
Find out why people use MySpace, what are the benefits of using MySpace, learn about MySpace's search features, what the draw of MySpace is, find out about MySpace privacy features.

Add an Rss Feed to Your Myspace Page
"Up until now, the only previous method has been the spring widgets, or other similar flash files which will read and display the rss, however, will not allow you to click on any links since myspace doesn't allow the clicking of links in flash. The new method I've built works around this and puts the feed plus clickable links onto the users page."

Add eCards to MySpace Comments
Sending ecards for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions over the Internet has been done for a long time. Traditionally sent through email, or just posted to one's own Web site, these greeting cards have been a popular part of the Net. They're an easy and fun way to let people know you're thinking about them.

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