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Missing and Kidnapped Children - Created by Loved Ones

These are the Web sites that are created by parents and other loved ones when their child goes missing and they want help from people on the Internet to help them find their children. See their precious faces and help find these kidnapped and missing children.
  1. Missing Children Alert

Find Sam - Kidnapping - Found
Sam and his family are one of the lucky ones. Sam has been found and his capture jailed.

4 The Kids - Free Web pages for missing kids
Free web pages 4 missing kids.

Louis Anthony Mackerley
Missing since 1984 when he was 7. Non-family abduction.

Lydia Strieby - Missing Child - Kidnapping
Family Abduction, missing since 07/24/1999, DOB 04/14/1994, Age 5. Was taken by her non-custodial mother.

My Kidnapped Son Luis Alan Ceron
He was kidnapped by his father in August 2000. He was born 4/6/91 and may have been taken to Mexico City or Brazil.

Sabrina Aisenberg - Missing Child
Missing since November 24, 1997 from her Florida home.

Seth Shields - Missing Child - Kidnapping
Abducted on Mother's Day 1998 by his mother.

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