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Make Money With Ads


Making money from your Web site can be a difficult challenge. You write good articles and you link to great ads from all sorts of sources that you know your readers would love to buy from. Yet you make no money. What could possibly be wrong? Here are a few tips that just may turn your money making non-existence around. Remember, you have to sign up with the affiliate program and use their links if you want to make money.

1. White Space - If you have a large chunk of space on your Web page that is blank your readers will wonder what is wrong with the page. They'll think your coding is wrong or you forgot something or your pictures didn't come in and left a big blank space. Either way, if makes for a bad user experience.

Imagine you were reading your favorite magazine. The text and pictures stopped halfway down the page and the rest of the page was left blank, white. What would you think?

You need to fill in this space at all costs. You can do this with more words of course. You can add a picture or other form of graphics. Or, you can use an ad.

When using an ad to fill in white space you don't want it to look to much like all you want to do is sell something. Make it match the rest of the page and look like it belongs there. You can do this by using an ad that is a picture or piece of artwork or something else that is related to the article itself.

2. Ads As Pictures - There are a few affiliates that are great for using pictures as ads. One is Amazon and the other is AllPosters.

You're writing an article about your trip to the ocean with your kids. Why not decorate the page with a picture of the ocean? You can do this and possibly make money from it too. Just choose a picture from the AllPosters affiliate site and add it to the page.

If you are writing about your son's favorite toy, link to the toy over on the side of the page using your Amazon affiliate number. You can also add the picture type ad to the article itself so the reader of the page will know exactly which toy you are talking about at the time they are reading about it.

3. Product Reviews - Did you read a book or buy something that you really liked? Write about it. Write about what you liked about the book or other item and link to one of your affiliate ads promoting it. Did your son just buy a new baseball mit and he really likes it? While you are writing about your son using the mit for the first time at his baseball game, link to the mit on Amazon from the article. This way if people reading your article want to buy the mit they'll know where to get it and you'll make money off it at the same time.

Tell your readers what you liked about the latest book you read. Explain to them how it made you feel or what you learned from it. Then link to the ad for that book.

4. Google Search - Put a search box on your site. Not only will your readers be able to search your site to find what they need but they will also be able to search the Net. You can do this and make money at the same time. Google offers a search box that pays. Sign up with Google Adsense and add the code for the search box to the top of all your pages. Then when someone needs to do a search you just may make some money.

5. Related Products - If you are writing about a book, or other item, you like also link to related items. Make a column under the article where you wrote about the item you liked, or to the side of the article, where you link to books that are similar to the items you are writing about.

Let's say you wrote about a science fiction book you read. At the bottom of the article, or over to the side, link to that book along with similar science fiction books that you liked. Make sure you use your affiliate links and when people buy any of those books you will make money.

6. Includes - Includes are a simple piece of HTML code that you can use on your Web pages to place ads, menus, pictures or just about anything you want. Includes won't make you money, but they can help you manage your ads. Place a little piece of code on your Web page where you want the ad to show. The ad links to where the real code lives. The code for your ad will be in a small file with just the code for your ad.

I use this all the time in my personal Web sites. I place the same ad on many pages. Then whenever an ad has lost it's usefulness or becomes outdated I can change them all at the same time by just changing the code inside that small file, called an include.

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