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The Moods of Facebook


The Moods of Facebook

From this Facebook Moods application you can update your mood with a big, cute, yellow emoticon whenever you feel a mood coming on. Then tell them why you feel they way you feel by adding a description to your emoticon.

Different Emoticons

Besides the big, yellow type of emoticons to show your mood, you can also choose cat moods. These are photos of cats in different poses with different moods on their face. Or try a Mario mood. This is the Mario from Nintendo. Or maybe you're in an Orange mood. That's not it, there are several different categories of mood emoticons to choose from.

Share Your Moods

See how your friends are feeling by seeing what they're moods are. Right from your Moods box you can click on the "My Friends Moods" tab and see your friend's moods. Send your mood to your friends when you update so they can keep track of how you're doing. Check out your own mood journal to see how you were feeling last week, or last month.

Create Your Own Mood

There are two ways you can create your own emoticons. The first way is to upload your own photos from your computer. You can even share your photos with the whole Facebook community and add them to the collection.

The other way is to use your webcam. Just go to the photo booth and take photos of yourself with your webcam and add them as your own personal moods.

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