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Become a Facebook Zombie


Facebook Zombies

Facebook Zombies


Create your own zombie army and take over Facebook one friend at a time. When you become one of the living dead you'll be able to bite your friends and turn them all into zombies too.

After you turn all your friends into brain eating zombies you can fight each other. You get points for starting the war, but you have a better chance of winning if you have a large zombie army backing you up.

This application is very new and they're still adding more features so start your zombie army now and get ready for the fun. Also, the more zombies you create, the higher your zombie levels, so start the biting.

Become a Facebook Zombie

  1. Go to the Zombies application page.

  2. Click on the "Add Application" button.

  3. Choose your application settings from the list.

  4. Click "Add Zombies" button.

  5. Choose which of your friends you want to turn into a zombie.

  6. Click on the "Send Zombies Invitation" button.

  7. On the next page click on the "Send It" button to send your zombie minions a message.

What To Do Now That You're a Facebook Zombie

  • Click on the "My Zombie" link to see your zombie stats. Find out how many people you've turned into zombies and how many your army of zombies has turned into zombies.

  • The "Zombie Friends" link will tell you who of your friends are already zombies and what level they're at.

  • "Fight" will let you fight other zombies on your friend list.

  • You can also fight werewolves and vampires if you want.

  • The zombie blog is a place where you can find out what's going on in the zombie world on Facebook.

  • Check out your profile. You now have a zombie avatar on your profile telling everyone that you're a zombie and how many people you've added to your zombie army.
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