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3 Ways To Gamble on Facebook


3 Ways To Gamble on Facebook

If you like scratch and win tickets, slot machines and poker then you're going to want to sign up for all three of these Facebook applications. Be careful, these gambling applications can become addicting because they are so much fun to play.

Scratch and Win Lottery Tickets

Buy scratch and win tickets with your credits. Scratch off the tickets and win tokens that you can trade for prizes. The prizes are virtual. They can be monsters, animals, dinosaurs, food or other things. Get a complete set and move up a level. Play 100 games and unlock another ticket that you can play.

Earn more credits for more plays by inviting your friends to play too. Also earn credits by adding other Facebook apps, answering surveys, installing toolbars and signing up with websites. Credits can also be bought. They cost $1.00 for 50 credits. Your first 50 credits are free.

Send some scratch cards to your friends in Facebook. Get ten free tickets every day to play with. The higher your level the more tokens you earn each day.

Super Slot Machines

You can play the Royal Spin or Petting Zoo slot machine, your choice. Just pull the lever to play. Each pull costs one credit. Earn tokens with each win that you can use to buy virtual prizes. Your prizes can be fruit, flowers, animals, birds, gadgets, keys, and more.

Get more credits by inviting your Facebook friends to play, installing other Facebook apps, filling out surveys, and signing up for websites. Also, buy credits at the cost of $1.00 per 40 credits, your first 40 are free. Daily credits are given out. Complete a prize set and your daily credit amount increases.

Texas HoldEm Poker

If you like poker, but don't have the time to get friends together for a game whenever you feel like playing then you're going to love Facebook's Texas HoldEm Poker game. Join a table and be dealt in. Then you can start playing wither other people on Facebook. Earn more chips when you invite your friends, which you probably want to do anyway.

Chat while you're playing the game. Compete in tournaments and try to win the Facebook championship title. Create your own private table and play with your friends.

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