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How to LinkedIn: Sign Up and Create a LinkedIn Profile


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How to Create a Basic Profile on LinkedIn
How to LinkedIn: Sign Up and Create a LinkedIn Profile
Filling out a simple form allows you to create a basic professional profile on LinkedIn in a minute or two.

The profile boxes vary based on which employment status you select, such as “currently employed” or “looking for work.”

The first box by default says you are “currently employed.” You can change that by clicking the small arrow to the right and selecting an alternate status, such as "I am a student.” Whichever status you select will cause other questions to pop up, such as school names if you’re a student.

Enter your geographic details—country and zip code--and your company name if you are employed. When you start typing a business name, LinkedIn will attempt to show you specific company names from its database that match the letters you type. Selecting a company name that pops up will make it easier for LinkedIn to match you with co-workers at that company, by ensuring that the business name is entered correctly.

If LinkedIn can't find your company name in its database, choose an industry that matches your employer from the long list that appears when you click on the small right arrow next to the “Industry” box.

If you are employed, type your current position into the “Job Title” box.

When you’re done, click the "Create My Profile" button at the bottom. You have now created a bare-bones profile on LinkedIn.

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