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Where to Get Facebook Privacy Help

Guides to Protecting Your Facebook Privacy


Getting Facebook privacy help is a wise move if you're concerned about the growing controversy over how the social network uses personal data. There are plenty of Facebook privacy tutorials and basic explainers available to help you understand your options for safeguarding the information you publish on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Guides

For starters, here are four basic explainers about the key Facebook settings governing who sees what on the world's most popular social network:
  1. Tutorial on Facebook Privacy Settings - This illustrated guide explains the most important 2011 updates to the default Facebook privacy settings and offers suggestions for how to change them to make your personal information more secure on Facebook.
  2. Make Facebook Private -- If you want to make sure that what you share with friends on Facebook is not broadcast to the whole world or indexed by search engines, read this article.
  3. How to Keep Facebook Photos Private -- Learn how to change and tweak the privacy settings on individual photos and photo albums you post on Facebook with this tutorial.
  4. 5 Facebook Security Tips -- These five basic Facebook security precautions can make you more secure from fraudsters, criminals and spam artists on the sprawling social network. Since Facebook is a popular hangout for bad actors of all kinds, it's worth your while to invest time in learning a few security measures.

Official Facebook Help Pages

You might also consider bookmarking the official Facebook privacy help pages. While they may not be objective since they reflect Facebook's point of view, they should at least be up to date about the latest updates to Facebook privacy and security settings. These pages include:
  1. Facebook Family Safety Center -- These pages link to a wide assortment of privacy, safety and security tools and resources maintained by Facebook.
  2. Facebook Security Page -- Here is where Facebook explains the various security tools it has been announcing with increasing frequency. Since 2011 was a big year for security hacks and attacks on Facebook, the social network has been implementing a lot of new precautions designed to help prevent hijackers from taking over Facebook accounts and wreaking havoc on the network. These pages explain those new tools and offer a downloadable Facebook Security Guide.
  3. Facebook Data Use and Privacy Policies -- These pages contain Facebook's own explanation of how it uses data it collects on its users and what its stance is on privacy issues involving that data.
  4. Facebook Help Center: Basic Privacy Controls -- Here is where Facebook offers basic explainers and FAQs about its many privacy settings.
  5. Facebook Safety Page -- This Facebook groups is maintained by Facebook as a way to communicate with users about its various privacy tools and policies.

Other Facebook Privacy Resources on the Web

There are many useful privacy resources online relating to Facebook and other social networks. Privacy advocates and other groups specializing in protecting personal privacy have long targeted Facebook as a major privacy risk. Some have done a fine job publishing informative guides to these issues, including:
  • EPIC Facebook Privacy page -- The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a nonprofit group devoted to privacy issues, maintains a detailed page on privacy issues involving Facebook. EPIC has partnered with a a wide variety of public-interest groups to lobby Congress and federal agencies to take measures that would force Facebook to do more to protect personal data shared on its network.
  • European Network and Information Security Agency -- ENISA is a European agency devoted to protecting information security. It offers reports with recommendations and explanations of various security issues with Facebook and other social networks. For the most part, the European regulators have been tougher on Facebook regarding privacy than regulators in the United States.
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