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7 Best Electronic Christmas Cards Sites


7 Best Electronic Christmas Cards Sites

Merry Mistletoad card

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Electronic Christmas cards are a convenient way to send holiday greetings to your friends and loved ones, but finding the best sites online can be challenging.

There are a ton of digital Christmas card websites, including many free and many paid card-sending services.

We've collected a list of seven top-quality electronic Christmas card services that represent a mix of free and premium, animated and static, interactive and traditional digital greetings. All allow you to send cards electronically to your friends via a link that is sent by email.

Electronic Christmas Cards

  1. American Greetings: -- American Greetings has a huge selection of egreeting cards, including many with animation and customization options including the ability to upload your own photos and put yourself into the scenery. They mostly require paid membership, though. You can buy a membership in American Greetings online greeting service for $3.99 for one month, $19.99 for one year or $29.99 for two years. The company also offers a free iPhone greeting card app available in the itunes store.

    American Greetings has some fun talking Christmas cards like the Merry Mistletoad talking card, which allow you to record a greeting in your own voice and have it play while a ridiculous looking animated toad in a santa hat appears to be reading your greeting in your voice.

  2. JibJab -- JibJab offers one of the WEb's best collections of animated video greetings with music and elaborate personaliztion options. "Mustic videos starring you" is how some of the cards are described. JibJab specializes in humor, and many of their cards tell elaborate stories. annual membership costs $12 for unlimited card sending.
  3. 123Greetings -- 123 Greetings has a wide variety of free egreetings, including some nice YouTube video messages, including Elvis singing over vintage Christmas scenery. With 123Greetings, it's easy to connect to Facebook and send a free card to all your Facebook pals. 123Greetings is a large site, with more than 20,000 different cards, including 1,300 Christmas cards alone in 23 categories. The special Christmas section is here.
  4. Jacquie Lawson -- Jacquie Lawson is a British illustrator in southern England who started creating electronic greetings in 2000 and has since built an impressive collection of animated Flash greeting cards with music online. They aren't free but they are very high quality and it may be worth the $12 a year membership fee if you want to send a truly classy message to your friends.
  5. Hallmark -- Hallmark has some classy ecards online, but they cost money. For $12 a year, Hallmark gives you a lot of customization options, including the ability to send cards featuring various cartoon characters, popular music and TV shows. The Christmas section is nicely categorized, allowing you to sort by character names, tone (funny? heartfelt? religious?) and options such as music and customizeable animation. Hallmark also has user reviews of its cards, a nice touch.
  6. Hipster -- If you want to send a simple, free electronic greeting, Hipster's a safe choice. There's not much glitz or flash or animation or interactivity, just simple imaged with attitude, including many cheeky ones. You can link to Facebook to share with friends or pin to your Pinterest boards, too. The site started in 2004 and feels a bit old, but it's very easy to use.
  7. HDGreetings -- This site lets you personalize and send dynamic, high-definition cards that blend photos and video with animation. It includes both free cards and ones available only to paying subscribers. The premium personalized cards cost $3 each or $15.95 for unlimited card sending for one year. The unlimited sending plan includes viewing on iPhones.

    You can upload your own photos and customize both the text and music. If you're looking for a last-minute gift, HDGreetings also lets you animate an Amazon gift card and send it. The category selector is still pretty limited, but you can find some Christmas options by clicking "all eCards" and then selecting "Winter Holidays." The HD Greetings platform allows personalized video delivery for viral marketing campaigns, premium eCards, and user-generated content.HDgreetings has high definition free ecards you can send to friends, family or loved ones. Discover incredible online greeting cards for birthdays and holidays.

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