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Get a Google Web Site with Google Sites


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Introduction to Google Sites
Get a Google Web Site with Google Sites

Google Web Sites is Google's way of letting you create your own personal Google Web site. Although not quite as easy to use as Google Page Creator was, it's a very good online website builder. Google Web Sites offers some tools that Google Page Creator didn't. Once you get used to using Google Web Sites, you're going to like building your website with it.

One of the great features that Google Web Sites offers is the ability to organize your website's Web pages into categories. For instance, if you have a bunch of pages about all your favorite baseball players, you can put them all into one category. This makes it easier to find them later when you want to edit them.

You'll also be able to control who can see, and who can edit, your Google Web Sites website. If you're creating a website for your group or family, you many not want to be the only one who can edit the website. Give permission to other people too. Maybe you can update the calendar and someone else can update the current events.

Also, make it so only members of your website can see your site. If you want to create a private website where only certain people can see it, and participate in it, you can do this with Google Sites. Give permission to only the people you want to be able to view your website.

If you like all that Google has to offer, then you're going to love the way Google Web Sites lets you embed all their Google tools into your website. Connect your Google calendar and your Google docs into your Web pages. You can even add things like videos to any of your Google Web Sites Web pages.

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