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Animation Factory

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The Bottom Line

Not all of the graphics are free, but they're really cute, even the free ones. They're animated, that means they move. That makes them really cool. (Animation Factory is a free clip art site. Download free clip art and use it on your Web site for free. Check web site rules before using clip art.)


  • Animations, backgrounds, backdrops, templates and more
  • Graphics are listed by type
  • Very large variety


  • Not all graphics are free


  • Backdrops, powerpoint templates, tiles backgrounds and email stationary and, of coure, animations.
  • Animations you can use on your Web site, email, or elsewhere. Some are free, some are not.
  • Cute, adorable, animated graphics for wallpapers, holidays, and just about anything else you want.

Guide Review - Animation Factory

I really like the graphics on this site, boy are they adorable. That being said, there's no way I would sign up for this service, the price is way too high for me. But, there are free graphics on the service too, and they're really nice.

The graphics that are listed as members only are not free, you have to sign up for the service for these. The rest are free. This includes most of the backdrops, powerpoint templates, tiles backgrounds and email stationary. Most of the graphics under the animations category are not free, but you can find some.

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