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Facebook Privacy, Facebook Settings: How to Stay Private on Facebook

Privacy on Facebook is important, but using Facebook settings to achieve the level of Facebook privacy and Facebook safety you want can be tricky. Here's how to stay private on Facebook and use all the Facebook settings to stay safe on Facebook and control your personal data.
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Tutorial for Facebook Privacy Settings
This tutorial explains how to take control of your Facebook privacy settings.

Facebook Data Use Policy Changes
The Facebook data use policy formerly was called its privacy policy. This article summarizes the data use policy changes articulated by the social network in 2012 and 2011.

Five Key Facebook Security Tips
Learn five easy ways to improve your Facebook security.

Where to Get Facebook Privacy Help
These Web resources can help you with Facebook privacy issues.

Schedule Your Facebook Updates
Schedule your Facebook message and more. With Sendible you'll be about to schedule your emails, sms and messages from other social networking sites such as Twitter, Blogger, MySpace and more. Facebook updates can be used to remember birthdays, plan events, or make people think your home, when you're on vacation or at work when your home sick. I'm not saying you should deceive your boss, I'm just …

Keep Your Online Status a Secret on Facebook
Maybe you don't want certain people to know when you're on Facebook, but you want your other Facebook friends to still be able to know. Here's a simple way to make it so that some of your friends can't tell when you're on Facebook while the rest still can.

Delete or Deactivate Facebook: What's the Difference?
What difference does it make whether you delete Facebook or deacivate Facebook. Whether you decide to delete Facebook or deacivate Facebook can make a big difference to your personal information and how much of it stays stored on Facebook. Also how long your Facebook stays live on the Internet.

What Happens to Facebook Accounts After Someone Dies
This guide to Facebook memorials explains what happens to the accounts of deceased users on Facebook.

Keep Facebook Photos Out of Ads
Facebook is now allowing third party advertisers to use your photos without your permission. There is something you can do about it. There are privacy settings set up in Facebook to keep your photos safe from these third party advertisers.

22 Ways To Adjust Privacy Settings In Facebook
Uncovered for you are 22 privacy settings you can change to keep your private information safe when networking on Facebook. When you join a site like Facebook you take the chance of letting your private information run wild. By adjusting your privacy settings you'll find that the Internet can be a safe place.

5 Ways To Keep Teens Safe On Facebook
We know these are not the only things that can happen on a website like Facebook. There are predators everywhere just waiting for the naive teen to introduce themselves. That's why we need to find out the best was to keep our teens safe while they have fun on Facebook.

Block Facebook Friends
Just block Facebook friends whose messages you don't want to read. When you block Facebook friends you will no longer see their messages on your Facebook homepage, but you'll still be their Facebook friend. Even if you block Facebook friends you'll still be able to leave them messages and they can still leave you messages.

Block Facebook Friends From Chat
Do you need to block Facebook friends from seeing you in Facebook chat so you can get some things done without people asking you to chat all the time? Blocking friends from Facebook chat requires a few steps, but can be done and works great.

How To Delete Your Facebook Account
Once you delete your Facebook account all your Facebook information will be gone forever. All your data, all your photos, friend list, everything, gone! All the photos, comments, messages, items in your profile, friends you've made, everything, will all be deleted for good. Are you really prepared to do this?

Exploring the Facebook Privacy Search Page
If keeping your Facebook photos, videos or even your messages private is important to you, then you'll need to learn to set up your Facebook privacy settings. This specific tutorial focuses on Facebook's privacy search features.

4 Things You Can To Stop a Facebook Stalker
There are some things you can do if you get stalked by a Facebook stalker. There are a few things you can do to stop that Facebook stalker from ever being able to see your Facebook profile or be able to contact you again.

Exploring Facebook Profile Privacy Settings
Change the profile privacy settings in Facebook. These profile privacy settings will help you decide which parts of your profile you want people to be able to see and which parts you only want to allow your friends to see.

Facebook Wall Privacy Settings
If you want to keep your Facebook posts and comments a little more private and don't want everyone and all their friends reading them, there are some adjustments you can make so your Facebook settings. Adjust your Facebook wall settings for a little extra privacy.

Don't Let Strangers See Your Facebook Profile
Really having problems with strangers viewing your Facebook profile and contacting you all the time. This is how you can keep strangers off your Facebook.

Block Strangers From Finding You in Search, on Facebook
If you only want your friends to find your Facebook profile in Facebook search, or any other search for that matter, this is all you need to do.

Block a Person on Facebook, From Their Own Profile
Go directly to the profile page of the person you want to block and report. From the person's own profile page, you can block them from being able to see you, and report them at the same time.

Block a Person Using Privacy Settings
Use Facebook privacy settings to block a Facebook stalker, or someone else. Block someone on Facebook from seeing your Facebook profile ever again by just typing in the person's name that you want to block.

Facebook Trusted Contacts for Password Recovery
Facebook Trusted Contacts can help people regain access to locked accounts on the social network. Here's how the feature works.

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