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Hide Friends on Facebook to Hide Status Updates You Don't Like


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Hide Your Friends From Their Timeline or Profile Page

Click "Friends" on someone's Facebook Timeline page to access this menu.

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Going directly to a friend's profile page is another good way to manage the amount of material from them you'd like to see in your news feed and ticker.

On their profile page or timeline, click the "FRIENDS" button at the top to activate your menu of controls. You'll see a dropdown menu like the one shown above. It lists some of the same options you see when you click the arrow beside one of your friend's posts in your news feed.

The picture above shows the version of the friends-editing menu that you see when you click the FRIENDS button on the Timelie/Profile page.

Show in News Feed Option

A key option near the bottom is called "Show in News Feed." It lets you decide whether you want anything from this person in your main news feed of updates. Check or uncheck it to change the setting.

At the top of the menu are your friend lists, which are another powerful way to manage what you see from each of them. You can check a list name to add or delete a friend from it. (Read this article to learn more about how to create and manage a Facebook friends list. And if you haven't adjusted your new privacy settings yet, read these explainers on how to make Facebook private, and more secure..)

Click "Settings" To See More

Facebook also gives you a lot more granular control over exactly what kind of updates you want to see from your friends. To see all of the options, click the "Settings" button in the dropdown menu (as shown in the image above.) On the next page, we'll show how these extra settings work.

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