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Hide Friends on Facebook to Hide Status Updates You Don't Like


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Hide Friends on Facebook to Clean Up Your News Feed -- and Your Facebook Life
Hide friends on Facebook menu

Hide friends on Facebook menu, using subscribe tools

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How to hide friends on Facebook is a skill worth learning because it can reduce the volume of status updates you get from people you don't find very interesting.

You could, of course, simply unfriend anyone whose status updates you find boring or annoying. That's a sure-fire way of blocking their unwanted status updates.

Often, though, it's better to hide friends on Facebook, which really means hiding what they write so it doesn't show up in your news feed. That way, you don't risk offending them or have to totally disconnect. They will still be there on your friend list, in case you ever do want to contact them -- or they they want to send you a quick message.

Facebook no longer uses "hide" in its actual menu language, but you can still "hide" friends. It's just that the menu functions got relabeled after the big 2011 Facebook redesign. Also, "block friends" has multiple meanings, so we will use "hide" and not "block," even though the functions of hiding or blocking your friends' status updates are one and the same.

Think of hiding Facebook friends as a time-saving, Facebook-enhancing process.

How Do You Hide a Facebook Friend?

There are multiple ways to do it. First, you can scroll through your news feed and click on individual status updates to edit how often stuff sent by that particular person will get shown in your feed. You use the dropdown menu shown in the image above.

Or you can do the same thing by going to each friend's profile page, where you'll find an even more detailed menu.

Or you can create friends lists and make a setting for the whole list. You just create a new list, give it any name you want, and add people to it whose updates don't much interest you, then change the list settings.Facebook gives you a blank "acquaintances" list that can handily serve this purpose.

Ok, that's the overview. (If you're still a bit confused about the basics of Facebook, this guide on how to use the Facebook news feed and wall can help.) Now let's learn the details of managing friends. On the next page, we'll look at how to hide friends directly from your news feed.

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