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Facebook Friends List Can Help Control Your News Feed


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Facebook Friends List Can Help You Manage Your News Feed and Facebook Life
Facebook Status Box with dropdown menu

Facebook publishing box, with dropdown menu allowing you tosend your message to a certain list, or to block a list from seeing it.

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The Facebook friends list is a powerful tool that allows you to control who sees what you do on Facebook and –equally as important – how much you see of each friend’s activity in your on news feed.

The Facebook friends list serves two basic functions:

  • It lets you decide which friends can see each status update you send.
  • It also lets you decide how much and what type of status updates and activity notices you want to see from each of your friends.

By default, the world’s largest social network creates a bunch of Facebook friend lists for you. These include ones for your close friends, your acquaintances and any work or college groups you may belong to on the network. You can also create custom lists, too.

Why Facebook Lists Make Things Easier

One convenient thing about a friends list is that you can choose a setting for everyone on it with a single click. That saves you having to individually edit the display settings for each and every friend, one by one, in order to hide Facebook friends so their updates don't show on your wall or news feed. Just add them to your list with people you feel similarly about.

Distant acquaintances might go on one list, for example, and long-lost childhood friends to another. Work colleagues could form one list, and friends who share a hobby with you might be on another.

One-Click Can Dial Up a List, or Dial it Down in News Feed

At the very least, you should put all the people you don't really want to hear much from onto a particular list. If you do that, then with one click you can change the setting for how often you want their updates to appear in your Facebook news feed.

One-Click Also Controls Posting to a List, or Blocking a List

Having all of these people on a list together also allows you to selectively send a status update to a particular list, and not have anyone else see it. You would first put your best pals on your “close friends” list, and then when you sent the update you don't want anyone else to see, just select the "close friends" list from the publishing box and only send your note to that list.To send post to certain lists, click the dropdown menu to the left of the post button and select the list you want.

You can also do the reverse--block a list of friends from seeing a particular post. To do this, you would select the “block this list” option when you sent your update.

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