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Facebook App Guide - Top Facebook Application List

Facebook apps are fun applications that let you do things on Facebook with friends. Play games, give virtual gifts, take quizzes, chat, send greetings, create favorite lists, share secrets - the Facebook application list is endless.

Turn Facebook Upside Down
In the language features on Facebook there's an option to turn all the words on Facebook upside down.

Turn Your Facebook Into a Pirate Page
One of the languages Facebook offers is pirate English. Choose to use pirate language on your Facebook profile and your profile will never be boring again.

Lens Flare Effect for Facebook
This creates a cool lens flare effect on your Facebook page as you scroll or click around on your profile.

Second Chance for a Personal Facebook URL
If you missed out on getting your personalized Facebook URL the first time around, here's your chance to try again. It's not quite the same, but it's close. You'll have to decide whether it's worth it to you or not.

Let Facebook Friends Know Where You Are
Adding the MyLoki application to your Facebook profile will let all your Facebook friends know where you are all the time. MyLoki is a tool created by Loki that lets you update your location easily and post it on your website.

My Solar System for Facebook
Think of it! Your own virtual solar system right on your Facebook profile. Send aliens to visit your friends. Sent them rockets too, and even planets. Does Pluto count? Let them send you aliens, rockets and planets too. Be the master of your own solar system.

Facebook Instant Messenger
With Facebook Instant Messenger you and your friends can chat with each other. Facebook Instant Messenger even has a group chat function so you can chat with several friends all at the same time.

Add Twitter to Facebook
Combine all your Twitter and Facebook messages together when you add Twitter to Facebook. Once you add Twitter to Facebook you'll only need to go to Facebook to get your Twitter and Facebook fix. There's a Facebook app to help you add Twitter to Facebook. Believe it or not you can add Twitter to Facebook in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Mother's Day eGifts for MySpace, Facebook and Twitter
Here are some cute little things you can post to MySpace, Facebook or Twitter for Mother's Day.

Add (fluff)Friends to Facebook
Facebook is adding more and more features to their social networking site all the time. This one is just plain cute. (fluff)Friends is a cute, fluffy, virtual pet you can add to your Facebook profile. Adopt a (fluff)Friend to add to your profile to help your profile have a little more interactivity and add more fun for your friends who come to read your profile.

Send 123Greetings eCards
With over 20,000 free ecards to choose from 123Greetings eCards will make you, and the Facebook friends you send their eCards to, very happy. There are eCards on 123Greetings eCards for over 3,000 events, holidays and other things. With so many eCards, you're bound to find one you want to send to one of your Facebook friends.

eValentines on Facebook
Facebook makes sending eValentines to your friends really easy with all the ecard applications they have. Valentine's Day is not the only reason to send a valentine to someone you love, you can do it just because. People really like it when they receive something unexpected. Of course, these ecard Facebook applications are good for more than just sending eValentines too.

Get All Your MySpace on Your Facebook
Keep track of your MySpace messages, bulletins and comment right from your Facebook profile. With the Fuser Facebook application you'll be able to read your MySpace on Facebook. Going to both MySpace and Facebook is no longer necessary. Fuser is going to save you a lot of time by letting you read all your MySpace messaged, comments and bulletins right from your Facebook profile.

Track Your Facebook Apps' Usage
Create a tracker for each of your favorite Facebook apps. The trackers will let you know when the traffic changes on your Facebook apps. You set the criteria too by percentage of change. Organize your Facebook apps into labels too. There are already labels and applications in the AppHound application to get you started. You can change these to make AppHound personalized to what you need it to do for you.

Facebook on Gardening
Did you know that you can get gardening advice right from your Facebook profile? It's true! Add this gardening advice application to Facebook and get your gardening tips right from your profile. After you add the Gardener Facebook application you'll be able to see photos and videos that other Gardeners have added.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year on Facebook
Create your own Chinese Prosperity Garden and celebrate the Chinese New Year all year. Send prosperity gifts to your friends to help them be prosperous. Customize the look and feel of your prosperity garden and make it just the way you want it. There are all sorts of gifts you can add to your virtual Chinese prosperity garden on Facebook.

Easter Fun For You On Facebook
Let your Facebook friends know you're thinking about them over the Easter holiday season. Send them Easter ecards and virtual gifts so they can have a little fun. Virtual gifts and Easter ecards are fun but so is finding out what kind of Easter egg you are or what kind of Easter candy you are.

My Pet Virtual Pet for Facebook
My Pet is a really cute little virtual pet game that you can play right from your Facebook profile. In just minutes you can have your own virtual pet that you can feed, play with and even battle with. You choose the gender and the name for your Facebook My Pet and then you can play, buy things and battle.

Take a Facebook Interview
The Facebook Interview is a series of seemingly irrelevant questions that you can have posted to your Facebook profile. I guess you can tell a lot about a person's personality by reading the answers to these questions.

4 Cute Interactive Gifts on Facebook
These four little interactive gifts will be a lot of fun for whoever you send them to. If you send them to your friends, maybe they'll send some to you, then you can have some fun too. There are eggs that hatch, growing plants, shakable globes and cute little bears.

6 Board Games You Can Play on Facebook
Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Monopoly, Othello / Reversi, and Tic Tac Toe. Play these Facebook board games with your friends right from Facebook. If none of your friends are online you can play with any of the other players on Facebook. Choose who you want to play against, make sure they're online, check their stats, and challenge them to a match.

The Moods of Facebook
From this Facebook Moods application you can update your mood with a big, cute, yellow emoticon whenever you feel a mood coming on. Then tell them why you feel they way you feel by adding a description to your emoticon.

Who Are Your Top Friends on Facebook?
Place all your best friends at the top of your Facebook friend list. No longer will you have to search through hundreds of friends to find the one you're looking for. All your top friends will be at the top of your Facebook friend list. See who has you on their top friend list too.

3 Ways To Gamble on Facebook
If you like scratch and win tickets, slot machines and poker then you're going to want to sign up for all three of these Facebook applications. Be careful, these gambling applications can become addicting because they are so much fun to play.

Let's Do a Gift Swap on Facebook
Ready to do a Gift Swap? Facebook makes it easy with this fun game. This is how it works. First you add a gift to the Facebook gift swap. Then you pick one up and open it. This is when the fun begins. You don't get to keep the gift you opened. You have to swap it.

Send Holiday Gifts from Facebook
Send free gifts to all your Facebook friends. There are gifts for lots of holidays including some you may not have heard of. These gifts are all virtual, but that doesn't make them any less cool to get.

"Where I've Been" Map for Facebook
The Where I've Been map application for Facebook is an interactive map that allows you to add all the places you've been and where you want to someday go. Zoom in on places you've been or zoom out to see more countries at once. Add the Where I've Been map to your Facebook profile. Then you can compare maps with your other friends.

FunWall for Facebook
Now you can add pics, YouTube videos and messages to your friend's walls. This is a really fun application because you can choose videos and photos or quotes that you think your friend will like and add them to their Facebook profile page.

My Garden for Facebook
If you like to send and receive flowers, then you're going to love having your own virtual garden. With My Garden you can grow a virtual garden and send flowers to your friends.

Vampires on Facebook
Attack your friends and turn them into bloody vampires. Bite all your friends with the curse of the vampire and see if you can turn them into undead, just like you.

Become a Facebook Zombie
Create your own zombie army and take over Facebook one friend at a time. When you become one of the living dead you'll be able to bite your friends and turn them all into zombies too.

Little Fishies on Facebook
Sending fish to your friends will be lots of fun. You can choose from a variety of fish including several different colors of star fish, a sword fish, a shark or an octopus. They all do something different when put into the aquarium too.

Smart Links Organizer for Facebook
Time to get organized. Put all your friends, groups, applications and external links into folders so you can better keep track of them. Once you add Smart Links to your Facebook, you will see a folder in the left hand navigation menu that simply says "Smart Links". There will be nothing added to your profile or to your feed. Your friends won't see it, it's only for your use to help you organize Facebook.

Applications to Add to Your Facebook
Fun and function you can add to your Facebook profile. Add any one of these Facebook applications to your Facebook profile to add flair and lots of fun for all who visit. Facebook applications can be anything from virtual pets and aquariums to having the ability to turn your Facebook friends into Vampires and fighting in zombie battles. You can add tools to let your friends leave you messages and…

Add a Graveyard to Facebook
Send pumpkins, tombstones, bats, ghosts, zombies, skeletons, mummys, witches, a hangman, a werewolf and even a devil to your friends or add them to your own graveyard with this spooky Facebook application. Get your own graveyard to add to your Facebook profile. Be in the Halloween mood all year round.

Magic 8 ball for Facebook
The Magic 8 ball, Facebook application, is a fun game you and your Facebook friends can play when you add a Magic 8 ball to your Facebook profile. You ask a question of the Magic 8 ball and it will predict your future. Fun for adults and kids alike.

Astrology and Horoscope For Facebook
Find out what your horoscope is with this Facebook application. On top of your daily horoscope you'll also get your love horoscope and karma rating. Your daily horoscope will help you get through the next few days or weeks. With your love horoscope you just may find the advice you need to spice up your love life. Send and receive karma with your friends and find out what your karma rating is. Personalize the Horoscope Facebook application with the zodiac sign of your choice.

Google News for Facebook
Now you can add Google News to your Facebook profile. Keep up with the latest news from Google right from your Facebook page. Choose from different Google News topics or create your own news to add to your Facebook profile.

Create Your Own Facebook Profile Cards
Need some personal business type cards to give out to your friends so they can find you on Facebook? Profile Cards are just the thing. Profile cards are little cards, similar to business cards, that have your Facebook profile photo, Facebook page address and information about you from your Facebook profile on them.

Send Cool Greeting Cards on Facebook
Send greeting cards to all your friends right from your Facebook profile with the Cool Greeting Cards application. There are greeting cards of all types on Cool Greetings including cards for birthdays, holidays, parties, relationships, celebrations, friendships and cards with humor, love, sexy, funny and edgy content.

14 Scrabulous Alternatives on Facebook
As Scrabulous has been wiped from the face of Facebook, at least for those of us in the US and Canada. Anyway, other Scrabble based games are popping up, and some games similar to Scrabulous already exist on Facebook. There are also lots of word games on Facebook. Here are some Scrabulous alternatives that you can play on Facebook.

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BranchOut Facebook App is for Job Hunters
BranchOut is a career networking app for Facebook that resembles LinkedIn. It helps people use their Facebook network to develop their careers.

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