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Upload Multiple Photos to Facebook: A Tutorial

How to Post Multiple Pictures to Facebook at One Time


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Use the photo album option to add multiple photos

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The multiple photos Facebook challenge can be perplexing: Namely, how do you post more than one photo to Facebook at the same time and have them all appear in the same status update?

What frustrates many users is the little known fact that you really CAN'T upload more than one photo at the same time using the status update box, unless you first create a photo album. And posting a photo album has its own challenges, but it's definitely the best option for batch uploading photos to the social network.

Posting Photos Through Status Updates

Bur first, a word about posting standalone photos through the status publisher box. To post a single photo, click "add photo/video" in the menu above the status publisher box, then click "upload photo/video" and "choose file" to navigate through your computer's hard drive and click "choose" once you have highlighted the image you want to upload. (Remember, though, this method only works for posting a single image.)

Once you've picked your photo, the Facebook status update box will reappear, with the name of your file showing next to the image you have selected. If you want to write something about your photo and have that text appear with it in the update that your friends will see in their news feeds, then write your message now in the status box. When you're done, click "post." (but don't click "post" until you've written your text update, or the two won't be married together.)

Before clicking "post," you can click the "choose file" button again and navigate your hard drive to select a different image if you want. BUT Facebook won't post both images together; rather, it will simply replace the image you previously selected with the new one you just selected, and post only the new one.

Adding Multiple Photos to Facebook

So, if you want to post two or more photos together in a single update that will appear in your friends' news feeds, you have a couple of options:

  1. Create a Photo Album -- The easiest way to post multiple photos to Facebook is to create a photo album, upload multiple photos to that album, and then publish the album as a status update. You can start by going through the status update box as if you were going to write an update or post a single photo, click "add photo/video" and then "create photo album." Next click "select photos to upload," navigate to the images on your computer's hard drive. and click the various images you want to upload, by holding down your "command" or "control" key while clicking on each image. Click the "open" or choose button to post them to your photo album once you have all the images selected.

    (Note that to select multiple photos and upload them together, the images have to be stored in the same folder. If they're in different folders, you upload them separately, by clicking the "add photos" option after you've uploaded the first batch.) Facebook allows up to 1,000 photos in each album, so not much to worry about in terms of those limits.

  2. Use a Mobile Photo App -- If you're using a mobile phone, use one of the third-party Facebook photo apps available for your phone's operating system. These apps are typically much better than Facebook's own photo feature. Instagram may be the best mobile photo app; Facebook bought it in early 2012. It's known for its excellent photo editing filters, which can make mediocre images shot on your phone look more interesting.

    But it also possible to upload multiple photos at once with Instagram using an app helper called PicFrame. The 99-cent app is cool and worth the money because it lets you choose layout options, too, for fancy presentation directly on Facebook -- or through Instagram if you want to add filters.

  3. Use Facebook Camera -- Facebook Camera Facebook's official photo app for iPhone and iOS devices. It makes uploading multiple photos to Facebook easy.

Get More Help With Facebook Pictures

For additional tutorials on adding and managing pictures, try this Facebook photos guide.

If you want to get rid of photos you no longer want to be stored on your account, this tutorial on deleting Facebook photos can help.

You can also read more about uploading multiple photos to Facebook in the site's official help center for photos.

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