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Give hi5 a High Five in Social Networking

Pros and Cons


This social networking site is called hi5 and it's got everything. Forums, groups, chat rooms, photo albums, music and videos. Send other people messages and add them to your friends list. Design your profile page with the background and colors you want using either CSS or the editor provided for you by hi5. Organize your friends with circles and organize your photos with the photo album.


  • Video: Upload your own videos or choose from the very large database of other people's videos.

  • Music: If you are a band or an artist you can upload your own music and add it to your site. If you are not a band or an artist you can still add other people's music to your profile.

  • Photo Albums: Organize your photos right on your hi5 profile site.

  • Friend Circles: Organize your friends like you organize your photos.

  • Finding Friends: There are so many ways to find friends on hi5 that you just have to find someone.

  • Profile Design: Design your profile with CSS or by using the editor.


  • Forums Only on Groups: You can't join a forum without joining a group first. This is not necessarily a bad thing I suppose.

  • Chat Rooms Broken: There where numbers next to the names of the chat rooms. That usually indicates how many people are in there. I couldn't get in.

Reviews of hi5 (the good and the bad)

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