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All the tools you need to create a Web site of your own. Web site hosting services, Web site creation software, graphics and photo editors, audio and video tools. With the right tools, creating your personal Web site will be easy.
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Web Site Hosting

Whether you're creating your own personal Web site, social networking site, blog, photo sharing site or something else, you'll still need to have your site hosted online. Without a Web site host you're Web site will be nowhere.

Web Site Editors and Creators

Note Tab Web Site Editor

If you want to build your own personal Web site, you'll need software to help you build your Web pages. There are two basic kinds of Web editors; HTML editors and WYSIWYG editors. HTML editors help you design your site using code such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others. WYSIWYG editors let you see your site as you design it. Some of these are drag and drop and others are fill in the blank.

Graphics Editors

Irfan View Graphics Editor

Crop and resize your graphics and photos before you upload them to your Web site. Graphics that are too large can slow down your Web pages. Crop them down and make them smaller, then upload them. These graphics editors will help you do that, and much more.

Audio and Video

Real Player Audio and Video

Adding audio and video to your Web site can add another level of interactivity and give your readers something fun to do while they're there. These tools and tutorials will help you add audio and video to your Web site, blog, wiki or social networking site.

Free Web Site Tools

Freeware and Shareware

A lot of times software is offered for free or as a trial version to get your attention and have your try out their product before you buy it. Here's some freeware and shareware that you could use to help you create and build your Web site. Creating a personal Web site really can be completely free.

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