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Social Networking: MySpace and Facebook


Social networking is a big part of Web 2.0. If you have a MySpace or Facebook account then you know about social networking. Here you can learn more about your social networking site and more about how to use social networking.
  1. Facebook Basics
  2. Adding onto Facebook
  3. Facebook Safety and Security
  4. MySpace
  5. More Social Networking Sites To Explore

Facebook Basics

If you have a Facebook then you're on the fast track to making new friends online. Facebook is more than a social networking site, it's also a place for you to have fun and play games. On Facebook you'll find hundreds of apps that you can add to your Facebook. With these Facebook apps you can play games alone or with your Facebook friends.

Adding onto Facebook

There's more to Facebook than just the homepage. There's Facebook chat and Facebook instant messenger. There's apps and photos and group and all sorts of things you can do with your Facebook profile.

Facebook Safety and Security

Make Facebook private and safe from prying eyes. The public doesn't need to know what you're saying to your Facebook friends. Find out how you can keep Facebook a little more the way you want it.


All things MySpace, from how to set up your MySpace profile to how to change the look of your page. Learn how to add music, videos and a lot more to your MySpace profile.

More Social Networking Sites To Explore

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of social networking sites online. Don't limit yourself to just a few. Browse through these social networking sites and find the one that is right for you. Some social networking sites even specialize in certain hobbies, disorders and other things.

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