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Get started learning about personal Web pages, social networking sites and social media tools. Whether you want to build a Web site from scratch, create a social networking site or profile, or learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these articles can help.
  1. Personal Web Basics
  2. Social Networking Basics
  3. Photo Sharing Basics
  4. Wiki Basics
  5. Blog Basics

Personal Web Basics

My Personal Web Page

Learn about building your own personal Web site from scratch. Create your site even if you don't know HMTL and other Web site coding languages. Learn how to use layouts, templates, colors and graphics to design your Web pages. Find out the do's and don'ts of Web site design so you can create great-looking Web pages and an easy-to-use Web site.

Social Networking Basics


Tutorials and tips on using popular social networking sites. Get information on how to add Web apps and layouts to MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hi5, Xanga, Yahoo 360, Windows Live and many others. Also learn how to add graphics, video, music, hacks, avatars and more.

Photo Sharing Basics

Taking a Photo

If you're like me you have a lot of photos that you want to share with your family. What better way then to post them all online? Post all your photos with a photo sharing site, then share them.

Wiki Basics

Editor for WikiSpaces

Wikis are Web sites that you create and let other people edit and add to. Wikis are good for all sorts of things like club Web sites and Web sites about a specific subject. Let your Web site's members add information and edit old information to keep your wiki fresh.

Blog Basics

Blogging - Writing In Diary

Blogging is the art of writing down your thoughts and feelings on the Internet. Find out how you can create your own blog, how to add photos, video and music to your blogs and how to write compelling blog entries.

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