1. Technology

Getting Started


There are so many different social media tools it can be hard to know where or how to start using them. This guide categorizes basic types of social networking and related media tools--and show the benefits of using each, along with technologies for managing them.

  1. Personal Web Basics
  2. MySpace
  3. Photo Sharing & Blogging in the Early Days

Personal Web Basics

My Personal Web Page

Learn about building your own personal Website from scratch. Create your site even if you don't know HMTL and other Web site coding languages. Learn how to use layouts, templates, colors and graphics to design your pages. Find out the do's and don'ts of Website design so you can create great-looking pages and an easy-to-use site.




MySpace was one of the first big social networks. Here are some accounts of its early social media tools online.

Photo Sharing & Blogging in the Early Days

Taking a Photo

Flickr led the pack in photo sharing in the early days of social media. Other early pioneers were sites like SmugMug, too. A look back at some of the early image sharing services, and blogging tools too.

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