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How to Deactivate Your Facebook in 4 Easy Steps


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1. Decide Whether to Suspend or Cancel Your Facebook Account
Facebook doesn't make it easy to find the link to deactivate your Facebook account, but deactivating Facebook can be accomplished fairly easily once you know where to look.

First, though, be clear about whether you want to suspend or delete your Facebook account. Facebook calls a temporary account suspension "deactivating" and permanent cancellation "deleting." There's a world of difference between deactivating and deleting.

Deactivating just suspends your account until you sign back in. Your profile and data will be invisible to others until you reactivate your account, but Facebook saves it all in case you want to return. Deleting, by contrast, permanently erases your account (though it takes two weeks to make that happen.)

Before you start either process, be sure to remove any linked accounts you may have to other websites or accounts that use Facebook Connect. That's so you don't get logged into Facebook automatically and accidentally undo your Facebook deactivation.

Okay, let's get started deactivating your Facebook account.
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