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Create a MySpace.com Profile


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Setup MySpace
MySpace Add Photo

MySpace Add Photo

MySpace allows you to sign up and create a profile for yourself so your friends can find you online and so you have a starting place for your online presence. If you would like to setup a MySpace account here is what you need to do.

To setup MySpace first you will need to sign up. Just click on the "Sign Up" link on the MySpace homepage and fill out the sign up form.

After you sign up you will be asked to post a photo of yourself. If you want to add a photo of yourself to your profile click on the "Browse" button, find your photo on your computer and click the "Upload" button. If you don't want to add a photo to your MySpace account click the link underneath that says "Skip for now". You can always add your photo later if you want to.

The next page allows you to send emails to all your friends so they can sign up for MySpace too. If they already have a MySpace account they will be added to your friends list. If you don't want to sign up any friends right now click on the "Skip for now" link.

Page 2: Edit Your MySpace Profile

After you build your MySpace profile, try these:

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