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Social Media: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Use Instagram on a Computer, PC or Mac
Here's how to use Instagram on a computer and upload photos from your desktop; these are workarounds to the fact that Instagram's own photo uploading tools are mobile-only.
How to Add Facebook Smileys and Emoticons to...
Learn how to insert Facebook emoticons, smileys, emoji into a status update or post or comment in this simple tutorial.
How to Use Snapchat: Share Vanishing Photos...
Snapchat is a photo mobile messaging app that deletes the pictures it sends moments after they're viewed. Here's how it works.
A Beginner's Guide to Using Facebook
To learn Facebook you must sign up and set up a new Facebook account. Page 2.
YouTube Account Signup: How to Make a YouTube...
YouTube account signup is easy once you realize that it's linked to your Google account. This step-by-step walk through on signing up and getting started on YouTube can help.
How to Post Multiple Pictures to Facebook at...
Uploading multiple photos to Facebook can be tricky. There are several ways to do it, but the easiest is to create a photo album first. Otherwise, you can't do it directly through the status update publishing box.
10 Best Mobile Messaging Apps
Mobile messaging is a popular way to communicate on smart phones, especially with the rise of a category of apps that let people make free voice calls and send free SMS messages over WiFi or their carrier's data plan. Here are 10 popular apps for mobile messages.
Friv.com: Guide to the Free Friv Games Network
Friv.com is a free online game network with more than 700 Flash-based games that is growing wildly popular. Learn what the hot Friv.com games are and how to find more Friv games.
Retweet With a Comment on Twitter
Learn how to retweet with a comment on Twitter; don't just use the automatic retweet button. This article explain the difference.
Facebook Calling Guide
Facebook calling allows both voice and video calls if you know how to do it. Here's a simple explanation of what Facebook offers in the way of free phone and video calls.
Who Are Your Facebook Top Friends?
Place all your Facebook top friends at the top of your Facebook friends list. No longer will you have to search through hundreds of friends to find the one you're looking for. All your Facebook top friends will be at the top of your Facebook friends list, so they'll be easy to find. See who has you on their Facebook top friends list too.
Putting a Photo in a Facebook Comment
It's simple to put a photo in a Facebook comment. You can add text or just make a visual comment by uploading a photo. Here's how.
Want to Hide Your Online Status on Facebook?...
Maybe you don't want certain people to know when you're on Facebook, but you want your other Facebook friends to still be able to know. Here's a simple way to make it so that some of your friends can't tell when you're on Facebook while the rest still can.
Take These Steps to Make Facebook Private
Changing these three key settings can help make your Facebook private and prevent you from accidentally sharing your profile, photos, friends list and status updates with everyone. Page 2.
Facebook Emoticons in Comments
Facebook emoticons in comments were introduced in 2012, but without the graphical menu that makes it easy to add them in Facebook chat. Learn the emoticon code you need to use smileys to a Facebook comment.
Get Your Own Facebook Usernames
Facebook is finally allowing people to personalize the address of their Facebook profiles with Facebook usernames. Facebook usernames will make it a lot easier for someone to find you on Facebook. Instead of being just another number, your Facebook username will create unique identifiers for you that your friends can type into their browser's address bar.
The Easy Way to Deactivate Your Facebook: A...
Before you deactivate Facebook, you should understand what deactivating your Facebook account means. All it does is temporarily suspend your account and make your profile invisible to others.
Vine Video App for Twitter
Sharing Vine videos can be tricky, but isn't all that hard if you know the ins and outs of Twitter's Vine app. Here's a look at how Vine video sharing works. Page 4.
Facebook Messenger Mobile App: Why Anyone Needs...
Facebook Messenger is a mobile messaging or chat app for sending text messages, holding group chats and making voice calls over the Internet.
Facebook Wall Privacy Settings
If you want to keep your Facebook posts and comments a little more private and don't want everyone and all their friends reading them, there are some adjustments you can make so your Facebook settings. Adjust your Facebook wall settings for a little extra privacy.
Facebook Search - Guide to Searching Facebook
It's easy to search for photos on Facebook , but to find photos on Facebook that you really want you should learn the language of Facebook graph search. Page 2.
How to get a Pinterest Account
A Pinterest invite is no longer needed to join the popular image sharing social network and get your Pinterest username. Here's how to join Pinterest.
Social Media Monitoring: Where to Start?
Social media monitoring is an important first step for businesses that want to make smart use of social media, but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Here's an overview of trends in social media monitoring for business.
Facebook Basics: How to Use Your Profile, Wall...
What everyone needs to know about how to use Facebook. After the Facebook login, basic tips on how to manage your Facebook profile and home page -- and understand what goes into your News Feed and onto your Facebook Timeline and Wall.
Twitter Language: Twitter Terms Explained
Twitter words and Twitter terms can confuse new users; this Twitter language guide defines Twitter lingo in simple language.
Create a MySpace.com Profile
MySpace allows you to sign up and create a profile for yourself so your friends can find you online and so you have a starting place for your online presence. If you would like to setup a MySpace account here is what you need to do.
Delete or Deactivate Facebook: What's the...
What difference does it make whether you delete Facebook or deactivate Facebook. Whether you decide to delete Facebook or deactivate Facebook can make a big difference to your personal information and how much of it stays stored on Facebook. Also how long your Facebook stays live on the Internet.
Create a YouTube Channel Tutorial
Create a YouTube channel quickly by following these simple steps. Learn how to create and customize your video channel on YouTube for either personal or professional use.
What is FTP, you want to know. If you are creating a Web site on your computer, either using a text editor or some other editor, then you will probably need FTP. Find out what it is, why you need it and how to use it.
Reactivating Facebook: How to Reactivate Your...
It's easy to reactivate your Facebook account if you deactivated it.
Linking To and Fro - HTML Links
Learn step by step how to add HTML links to other pages from your own pages. Adding HTML links to other web sites are known as external HTML links. Add HTML links to your Web pages to show off sites you like.
Put Your Blogger Blog on Your Web Site
If you have a Web site and you have a blog on Blogger you can combine the two. This saves you from having people leave your Web site to read your blog and then not come back again.
10 Things You Can Do With a Wiki
Wiki's are a great way to get your voice heard on the Net. You can start a wiki about anything you want. A wiki allows you to discuss something that's important to you, while at the same time getting opinions and information from other people that visit your wiki. Wikis allow your readers to become part of your Web site by letting them add their ideas and information to the wiki too.
How to Use Tumblr
How to use Tumblr explains how to get up and running -- or tumbling -- with this easy microblogging tool in 15 minutes or less.
Chat on Facebook
Facebook Chat is Facebook's answer to instant messaging. IM, or chat on Facebook, is really quite easy. All you need to chat on Facebook is a Facebook account, nothing to download or install.
Jumping Over Tables - For Fun, Design and...
Add cellpadding and/or cellspacing to your tables. Cellpadding and cellspacing give you some space between words in the table and other text in your table. Page 7.
22 Ways to Adjust Privacy Settings In Facebook
Uncovered for you are 22 privacy settings you can change to keep your private information safe when networking on Facebook. When you join a site like Facebook you take the chance of letting your private information run wild. By adjusting your privacy settings you'll find that the Internet can be a safe place.
How to Delete Facebook Photos Tutorial
This guide shows how to delete Facebook photos, based on the type of photo you are removing.
Create a YouTube Business Account by Following...
It's a good idea to create a new Google account if you want to make a YouTube business account. Here's how. Page 2.
Facebook Instant Messenger
With Facebook Instant Messenger you and your friends can chat with each other. Facebook Instant Messenger even has a group chat function so you can chat with several friends all at the same time.
How To Add a Photo to MySpace Comments
Add a photo, clip art or other graphics to MySpace comments. If you want to send a comment to your friend, and you want the comment to have a photo, clip art or some other type of graphics, here's how to add your graphics to MySpace comments.
What Is Social Networking Addiction?
Social networking addiction usually means excessive use of Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media -- to the point that it interferes with other aspects of daily life. Yet there is no agreement on whether this phenomenon constitutes a psychological disorder.
How To Add Pictures to Twitter
Twitter has long been known for it's inability to add pictures. You still can't add pictures to Twitter using only Twitter, but you can add pictures to Twitter using TwitPic.
Guide to Making Facebook Photos Private
Learn how to make previously published Facebook photos private. Page 2.
How To Print a Web Page in 4 Easy Steps
Like what you read on a Web page or you like a picture on the Web page, print it. Here is a simple 4 step plan for printing a Web page.
Facebook Cover Photo Guide
Facebook cover photos are large horizontal images stripped across the Timeline page of each user. This guide explains the purpose and size of Timeline cover pictures--and lists resources for creating good ones.
Where Did Facebook Come From?
Facebook came to fame very quickly. The history of Facebook from the time it started until it became used by millions is a short one. Mark Zuckerberg had a vision, and it was a good vision. This is how Facebook got started, and what happened next. Page 5.
What Is Auto Follow and How Does it Work?
Auto follow helps many people expand their Twitter following but can be controversial, too. Here's how it works.
Top 6 Best At Home Webcams
These are the home Webcams that I have chosen as the best that I have listed. I chose these because these because they are up to date, they update frequently, they have more than just a webcam on their site and, most importantly, they are easy for the average person to view. Enjoy!
Facebook Privacy Settings Tutorial
How to take control of your Facebook privacy settings. Page 2.
Create a Professional Facebook Profile
Facebook can also be used to promote yourself. Whether you have a small business that you want to promote, are a band of some sort, are an artist, are a public figure, or an organization, you can use Facebook to promote yourself.
How To Tag Friends in Facebook Posts
Create a link to a friend's Facebook profile right from your posts on Facebook. Tag friends in your posts so your other friends can click right through to them and see who you're talking about.
Facebook Timeline Tutorial
Facebook Timeline is your public face on Facebook, the place where other people go to check you out. It's part of our profile page, and by default it displays your status updates in reverse chronological order along with posts your friends have made about you. Learn how to manage and edit Facebook Timeline in this illustrated tutorial that walks through each key component.
Hide Friends on Facebook to Hide Status Updates...
Hide friends on Facebook is a must-know feature to weed out the junk and show you only the status updates you care about. Using hide Facebook friends (also the unsubscribe button) can improve your Facebook experience and help you avoid unfriending people.
How To Add Twitter to Facebook
Combine all your Twitter and Facebook messages together when you add Twitter to Facebook. Once you add Twitter to Facebook you'll only need to go to Facebook to get your Twitter and Facebook fix. There's a Facebook app to help you add Twitter to Facebook. Believe it or not you can add Twitter to Facebook in just a few clicks of your mouse.
Add pdf Files To Web Sites
Add files with the file extension pdf to your Web site. Add a link to the pdf file on your Web site so your readers can click on it and open the pdf file if they want to.
Instagram Video Tutorial, Step-by-Step, How To...
Video for Instagram is a feature allowing users to record and share videos of up to 15 seconds each. Just touch on-screen record button to shoot. Learn how to edit, caption, stabilize, apply filters and share your videos in this visual, step-by-step tutorial. Page 3.
A Twitter DM or Direct Message Is A Private...
Twitter DM, which stands for Direct Message, uses a private communication system on Twitter. Find out how to format and send a Twitter DM--and avoid accidentally making your DM public--in this tutorial on Twitter's private short-messaging system.
Keep Kids From Seeing Adult Sites
Sometimes personal sites have adult only material on them. How can you keep your kids from seeing unseemly material and photos.
What is Facebook.com? What Does Facebook.com...
Facebook.com is a great way to meet friends and keep up on what they are doing. Once you add a friend to your Facebook.com friends list you will always know when they are adding to their notes (blog) or updating their profile. Join Facebook.com groups to meet people like you or browse the profiles to find other new friends. Facebook.com's classmates and co-worker search is good for finding friends too.
Add MP3 Files To Web Sites
Add MP3 music files to your Web site. Add a link to the MP3 file on your Web site so your readers can click on it and open the MP3 file if they want to.
Find Hashtags and Research Them on Twitter:...
It's easier to find hashtags and search for them on Twitter if you use the right research tools. These sites can help you identify and compare popular tags.
What Is MySpace?
MySpace is a place where you can create a profile page that you can use to meet new friends. MySpace has a lot more to offer than that though. Find out what you can do with MySpace.
How To Delete Your Facebook Account
Once you delete your Facebook account all your Facebook information will be gone forever. All your data, all your photos, friend list, everything, gone! All the photos, comments, messages, items in your profile, friends you've made, everything, will all be deleted for good. Are you really prepared to do this?
Add Email Links and Link Messages
Adding an email link to your pages allows your readers to communicate with you. Knowing some simple tricks will allow you to add messages to the emails that they send you.
Facebook Stickers in Messages and Chat
Facebook stickers are pictures people use in messages and chat to convey their emotions and communicate visually, rather than through words.
Send Cool Greeting Cards on Facebook
Send greeting cards to all your friends right from your Facebook profile with the Cool Greeting Cards application. There are greeting cards of all types on Cool Greetings including cards for birthdays, holidays, parties, relationships, celebrations, friendships and cards with humor, love, sexy, funny and edgy content.
How to Twitter Tutorial - Intro to Using Twitter
Learn the basics of how to Twitter by setting up your Twitter profile, sending your first tweet and deciding how you want to use Twitter in this simple Twitter tutorial.
Facebook Friends List Can Help Control Your...
A Facebook friends list can help you manage your friends by controlling which ones show up in your news feed and ticker.
5 Ways to Beat Facebook Addiction
If you are addicted to Facebook, here are strategies for kicking your Facebook addiction.
Twitter Reply: How to Use Twitter @ Reply
Twitter reply means a tweet sent in direct response to another tweet. Learn how to send a Twitter reply--and how to make sure all your followers see it by adding .period.
Block Facebook Friends From Chat
Do you need to block Facebook friends from seeing you in Facebook chat so you can get some things done without people asking you to chat all the time? Blocking friends from Facebook chat requires a few steps, but can be done and works great.
Twitter Background Guide: Good Twitter Layouts
A custom Twitter background is essential for making a good visual impression on the Internet's largest micro-messaging social network. Here's what you need to know about Twitter backgrounds.
Add jpg or gif images To Web Sites
Add files with the file extension jpg or gif to your Web site. Add a link to the jpg or gif image on your Web site so your readers can click on it and open the jpg or gif image if they want to.
Facebook Search Tutorial
Facebook search can be challenging, considering how many hundreds of millions of people are using the world's largest social network. This tutorial explains how to look for people on Facebook and find the ones you want.
Create a Back Button
Create a back button right on your Web page. This button, when clicked, will take the reader back to the page they were on before they came to your page. This back button code works just like your browser's back button.
Close Facebook and Shut Down Your Account Made...
Want to close Facebook and permanently shut down your account? This guide explains how to leave Facebook for good -- and what to consider before doing so.
Learn Basic HTML - for Beginners' Web Sites
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Learn basic HTML
14 Reasons You Should Join a Social Network
Now you can do so much more with a social network than just meet people and send messages. You can create photo albums, add videos, listen to your favorite music, find old friends and so much more. Even the profile pages have evolved. Many social networks let you change the colors of your profile and even add backgrounds and change the layout.
Top 6 Social Bookmarking to Make Your Site...
Using these social bookmarking sites is an easy way to get more people on your Web site. Submit your site to one, or all, of these social bookmarking sites and let other people find it and link to it too. Get your own social bookmarking site that you can link to from your site or share with friends or readers. Email it to your readers once a week or once a month instead of a newsletter so they can keep up with your latest blog entries and Web site updates.
How to Change Facebook Language to English
How to change the Facebook language settngs to English or any of the other 70 possible languages on Facebook.
Send 123Greetings eCards
With over 20,000 free ecards to choose from 123Greetings eCards will make you, and the Facebook friends you send their eCards to, very happy. There are eCards on 123Greetings eCards for over 3,000 events, holidays and other things. With so many eCards, you're bound to find one you want to send to one of your Facebook friends.
"Where I've Been" Map for Facebook
The Where I've Been map application for Facebook is an interactive map that allows you to add all the places you've been and where you want to someday go. Zoom in on places you've been or zoom out to see more countries at once. Add the Where I've Been map to your Facebook profile. Then you can compare maps with your other friends.
Guide to Pinterest Apps for Mobile Phones
Pinterest Apps: Finding a Pinterest application for your mobile phone can be challenging.
How To Make MySpace a Private Space
You want to create your own private social network on MySpace but you don't want other MySpace members sending you messages or even seeing your profile. Make your MySpace your own private space. Your MySpace friends can still see your profile and send you messages, but no one else.
How To Create a Facebook Group
Create Facebook groups and make them about anything you want. Interested in Star Trek? Create a Star Trek fan Facebook group. Like gardening? Create a Facebook group for gardening advice. Have cancer? Create a cancer support Facebook group. Get the idea? Here's a quick tutorial on how you can create your very own Facebook group.
Add and Manage Facebook Photos
Facebook is more than just a place where you can post information about yourself. You can add Facebook photos too. Share your Facebook photos with friends and family and order prints of your Facebook photos.
How To Block Strangers From Finding You in...
If you only want your friends to find your Facebook profile in Facebook search, or any other search for that matter, this is all you need to do.
Turn a Photo or Graphic Into a Thumbnail
Save space on your photo albums by using thumbnails of your graphics or photos and linking to them. Learn to create thumbnails, put them on your Web pages and link to your graphis from them.
YouTube Charts
YouTube charts and rankings lists a variety of useful sources on the Web for tracking what's most popular on the world's largest video sharing network.
How to Use Facebook's Homepage
On the surface, how to use Facebook's homepage seems quite simple. Just type your comment in, hit enter. But there's so much more to know about how to use Facebook's homepage than just what you see on the surface. Let me show you some tricks you can use, and just how you can go about how to use Facebook's homepage.
Add Facebook Applications Your Facebook Profile
Add any one of these Facebook applications to your Facebook profile to add flair and lots of fun for all who visit. Facebook applications can be anything from virtual pets and aquariums to having the ability to turn your Facebook friends into Vampires and fighting in zombie battles. You can add Facebook applications to let your friends leave you messages and others to help you organize your Facebook profile.
Sign Up for MySpace, Step by Step Tutorial
Sign up for Myspace, the new version, and learn how it works, step by step.
Facebook Photos Guide
Facebook photos are staggeringly popular on the social network. This guide explains how to publish, edit, organize and manage all your pictures on Facebook.
Pinterest Definition - What is Pinterest.com?
Pinterest.com is an innovative image sharing service with social networking features. Learn who's using it, why and how in this overview of the social visual bookmarking craze.
Facebook Advanced Search Tips - Graph Searching...
Facebook advanced search is evolving in new ways with Graph Search. Learn how to find exactly what you want by exploring different phrasing options.
Giggle Cam
Watch Giggles and Marty on their 2 different Webcams. They also have lots of pics from their cams for you to look at when you can't find them. They add commentary to the pics so you can see what they were thinking or saying. There are jokes and a journal for you to read too. The cams are live but you can't see anything at night because it's too dark.
Facebook Codes
Facebook codes are fun to play around with. With these Facebook codes you can change the way Facebook looks, feels and works for you. When you install and use these Facebook codes to your computer you can change colors, get rid of ads, change your theme and more.
Meet People Online With Facebook
Facebook is an online site that lets you find people. Find people you used to know with Facebook or find out who's living around you. Create groups and events with Facebook too.
How To Change your Facebook Profile Picture
Every once in a while you should change the profile picture on your Facebook profile because, face it, you get older and look different. There are other reasons to change your Facebook profile picture too. Maybe you want to use one that your friends from high school will recognize, or you found a cool avatar that you think looks like you. This is how you can change your Facebook profile picture.
Block Facebook Friends
Just block Facebook friends whose messages you don't want to read. When you block Facebook friends you will no longer see their messages on your Facebook homepage, but you'll still be their Facebook friend. Even if you block Facebook friends you'll still be able to leave them messages and they can still leave you messages.
Easter eCards, Fun For You On Facebook
Let your Facebook friends know you're thinking about them over the Easter holiday season with Easter eCards. Send them Easter ecards and virtual gifts so they can have a little fun. Virtual gifts and Easter ecards are fun but so is finding out what kind of Easter egg you are or what kind of Easter candy you are.
6 Reasons To Quit Facebook
There are many reasons people choose to quit Facebook or temporarily suspend their Facebook accounts. Here are some of them.
A Pinterest Clone for Every Niche Topic
A Pinterest clone is appearing for every imaginable topic. These 20 specialty Pinterest clones of the leading image-sharing social network offer their own take on visual bookmarking, each in a particular niche.
Installing the Pin It Button Speeds Up the...
The Pin It button is a Pinterest bookmarklet that makes it easy to grab images on the Web and pin them to the popular visual social network Pinterest.com for organizing, managing and sharing images.
How to Edit Your Facebook Profile
Learning how to edit your Facebook profile is not as easy as it seems, thanks to the many redesigns the social network has implemented for the personal areas of the networking service.
8 Best Social Management Tools
These eight social media management tools can streamline your life online by helping you manage multiple social networking accounts from a single app.
Getting Started With Making Your Own Website
You're new to personal Web pages and you want to start making your own website. I'm going to show you how making your own website can be done, from finding a web hosting provider to adding content. Once you learn the basics of making your own website, you'll be able to add photos, blogs and much more.
Rebel Mouse Wants to be your Social Media Home...
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Create Your Yahoo! 360° Blog
Create a blog on your Yahoo 360 Web site. Use this Yahoo 360 blog to write about your life, your family or something else you're interested in.
MySpace IM (Instant Messenger)
Now that you are logged into MySpaceIM it's time to add the friends you want to chat with or the friends who's profiles you want to read on a regular basis. Page 4.
Add exe Files To Web Sites
Add files with the file extension exe to your Web site. Add a link to the exe file on your Web site so your readers can click on it and open the exe file if they want to.
Why Social Networking?
Put simply, social networking is a way for one person to meet up with other people on the Net. That's not all though. Some people use social networking sites for meeting new friends on the Net. Other's use it to find old friends. Then there are those who use it to find people who have the same problems or interests they have, this is called niche networking.
How to Add a Facebook Like Button to any Website
Adding a Facebook Like button to any website is easy; it involves inserting a short snippet of code that Facebook provides into the HTML code of the third-party website.
Mobile GIF Guide: Make Animated GIFs on Your...
These mobile GIF maker tools can help you create animated GIFs on your mobile phone that you can share with your friends.
How To Cancel Your MySpace Account
You opened a MySpace account, but you don't want your MySpace profile anymore. For whatever reason you want to cancel your account. Here are some simple instructions to tell you how to close your MySpace account in minutes.
10 Great Social Networking Tips and Tricks
These social networking tips will help boost your social standing online. Use these social networking tricks to think strategically about how you communicate and connect with people who matter to you.
Video Status Updates: Short Video Messaging Apps
Video status updates are growing popular on mobile phones as they allow short video messages. Keek, Tout and Vloggo are examples of video update apps that help make mobile video more social -- and more interesting.
Facebook Profile Pictures Tutorial
Facebook profile pictures are small images that users of the social network display to represent themselves to other users of Facebook.
Twitter Account Settings: 7 Key Tabs
This basic explainer for Twitter account settings walks through each of the main account setting tabs and explains what they do.
Top 9 Photo Hosting Site Reviews
9 photo hosting sites where you might want to host your photos. Some photo hosting sites sell prints or your photos and gifts with your photos on them. Some photo hosting sites let you create pages to go with your photos, most photo hosting sites are free. These are great for photo hosting online for to create photo albums so friends and family can see them online.
How To Don't Let Strangers See Your Facebook...
Really having problems with strangers viewing your Facebook profile and contacting you all the time. This is how you can keep strangers off your Facebook.
Twitter URL Shortener Grows Longer, Consumes...
The Twitter URL shortener (t.co) will take up more tweet space starting in February 2013. Learn how this t.co link-wrapping system works with hyperlinks in tweets.
#FF on Twitter, A Guide to Follow Friday
Learn how to participate in the popular Follow Friday game on Twitter. It can boost your follower count and standing with the Twitterati.
Friendster Social Networking
Not only can you find friends on Friendster but you can also add video to your Friendster profile and create music play lists. Create a photo album so you can share photos on your Friendster profile too. Join forums and groups to meet more people with your same interests. Page 5.
Twitter List 101: A Basic Tutorial
A Twitter list can help organize tweet reading. This tutorial explains how get the most out of a Twitter list.
Webcams of Many Kinds - Send Me Your Webcams
Send me your Webcams. Webcams are fun to watch, especially the ones that update regularly. Watching people move about their homes is fun to do. Seeing traffic and people move around the city is fun too. Seeing far away places and watching foriegn people go about their daily business is really interesting. Here are some webcams for you to watch all the time.
Yahoo! 360° - Sign Up With Yahoo! 360°
Yahoo 360 is a profile site like MySpace or Xanga. With Yahoo 360 you can create your own profile site complete with a profile, photos, blog, photo albums and friends list. Find other people on Yahoo 360 with similar interests or get in contact with friends of yours.
Top 7 Free Video Sites: Add Video To Your Web...
Adding video to blogs is one of those fun things you can do on your site to give your readers something to do while they are reading your profile page. You can add your own videos or videos that you find on video sites. Videos you add from video sites can be funny, informational or whatever you like. Adding video to your blog or Web site from most video sites is free and easy to do.
Micro Video Guide for Mobile Phones
Micro video apps are designed to help people make use of videos shot on mobile phones by making it easier to enhance, edit, share and upload them to social networks online. Learn about the different types and best micro video apps for your smart phone in this guide.
Twitter Header: Basic Tutorial
A Twitter header is the area atop user profiles on Twitter where an image appears in the background with a profile photo and text superimposed describing the user's name, handle and bio. This tutorial explains the ins and outs of creating an effective Twitter header image.
The Moods of Facebook
From this Facebook Moods application you can update your mood with a big, cute, yellow emoticon whenever you feel a mood coming on. Then tell them why you feel they way you feel by adding a description to your emoticon.
Add .doc or .txt Files To Web Sites
Add files with the file extension .doc or .txt to your Web site. Add a link to the .doc or .txt file on your Web site so your readers can click on it and open the .doc or .txt file if they want to.
Remove All Facebook Ads
Not only does this script remove banner ads from your Facebook site, it also removes that annoying Sponsored section.
4 Things You Can Do to Stop a Facebook Stalker
There are a few things you can do to stop that Facebook stalker from ever being able to see your Facebook profile or be able to contact you again.
Symbols of Signs
Add symbols to your Web pages. Using these codes you can add symbols, even those not on your keyboard, to your Web pages.
Creating Hashtags and Making Them Useful on...
Creating hashtags on Twitter requires following some common-sense guidlines and doing a little research into how related hashtags are used. Creating good hashtags is easier if you use the right tools.
Add Blogger Templates to your Blogger Blog
Add a cool Blogger template to your Blogger blog. Make your Blogger blog look better by adding a cool Blogger template to it. Your new Blogger template will change your Blogger blog's colors, layout, image placement and more.
How to Find People on Twitter
How to find people on Twitter is a guide to searching for people who are using Twitter. Learn about the best tools and strategies to search Twitter.
Add Video To Your Yahoo! 360 Blog
Add video to your Yahoo! 360 blog from either You Tube, Yahoo! Video or Google Video. Find the video you want to add to your Yahoo! 360 blog and add the code. Page 5.
Make Money With Ads
With a few simple changes to your personal Web site you can easily make a few bucks. Take a few minutes to read through these tips and then make some quick changes.
How to LinkedIn: Sign Up and Create a LinkedIn...
The LinkedIn sign-up process involves four easy tasks and takes about five minutes to complete.
How Much Information Is Too Much?
Keep your private Web pages just that, private and be safe online. Use passwords to be safe online and keep out those people that you don't want in there. It's not just a matter of privacy but of security too when you want to be safe online.
Why Create a Personal Website?
A personal website is a group of Web pages that someone creates about themselves. It basically contains things that are personal. It doesn't have to be about you, and it doesn't have to contain personal information but it does need to be personal....
Find Old Friends Using Facebook
The best thing about Facebook for those of use who have been out of school for a long time, is the ability to find old friends. When you find old friends using Facebook you're given the chance to make amends, start over and be best friends again, not to mention find lost love.
Get Twitter Followers: A Tutorial
These strategies will help you get Twitter followers and improve your experience on Twitter.
Where Did MySpace Come From?
Way back in 2003 MySpace began. Created by a small group of programmers who already had an Internet company, MySpace has grown by leaps and bounds. MySpace soon became one of the largest online companies. It was all due to the dream of a few people who were members of Friendster and already had everything they needed to get started and create MySpace. Page 5.
Meta what, tags?
Meta tags get your site indexed by search engines. Read more here about how they can help your Web page get more visitors and a higher ranking.
Bitcoin Mining Guide: Basic Tutorial
Bitcoin mining involves running special software that helps secure the digital currency system; in return, bitcoin miners are rewarded with new units or bitcoins. Here's how to get started.

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