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How Do I Add Friends on Yahoo! 360°?


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Invite Friends and Family
Yahoo 360 Invite a Friend

Yahoo 360 Invite a Friend

Invite your friends to connect to you on Yahoo! 360°. Inviting friends and family to Yahoo! 360° is easy. Find out how you can invite friends to Yahoo! 360° and create your own Yahoo! 360° network.

  • From your Yahoo! 360° "Home" page (found by clicking on "Home" in the menu at the top of your Yahoo! 360° editing page) click on the link that says "Invite a Friend".

  • In the line that says "To" enter email addresses of friends and family that you want to invite to Yahoo! 360°. Enter more than one email address by placing commas between them (ex. email1@email.com, email2@email.com, email3@email.com).

  • To invite friends and family that are in your Yahoo! Address Book or who are in your Yahoo! Messenger list:

    1. Click on the icon for either Yahoo! Address Book or Yahoo! Messenger.

    2. Choose the people you want to invite from the list.

    3. Click "Invite Selected Contacts".

    4. The email addresses of the people you selected will be added automatically.

  • In the box titled "Add a Personal Message" add the message that you want to send to your friends and family telling them about Yahoo! 360° and why you want them to join.

  • If you have categories you can choose to add your friends to a category. You can leave this alone and add categories later.

  • Enter word verification at the bottom of the page. This is for security.

  • Click "Send Invitation".

  • Your invitation to Yahoo! 360° will be sent to all the friends and family you selected.
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