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A wiki is a site that you can change. Someone starts a wiki on a topic they like and then allows other people to edit the wiki whenever they like. You could start your own wiki on whatever topic you like.
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  2. Wikispaces Wikis (4)

A Personalized Web Site You Can Share
Build Your Own Sharable Web site. You choose what you want your sharable Web site to be about and set up the homepage for your new site. Then create topic pages and invite people to come share your site with you. They will be able to add to the pages, change the pages, create pages and more. Your own fully customizable community.

Create Your Own Wiki With Wikispaces
Create your own wiki. Wikispaces allows you to create a wiki that you and your readers can add to, edit and change in any way they want about the topic you choose. Wikispaces also offers special features for your wiki.

What You Can Do With a Wiki - Start Your Own Wiki Space
A wiki is a fun, creative way for you to start a Web site about any topic you are interested in. It allows the readers of your Web site to join in with you on creating a place where you, and they, can keep track of the latest happenings in your topic of interest.

EditMe - Wiki Hosting the Easy Way
"EditMe is a wiki hosting service that empowers non-technical users to quickly and easily build and host irresistibly editable web sites. Unlike normal web sites, EditMe includes powerful features to enable multiple contributors to collaborate on the site's content, and unmatched access controls to protect sensitive information."

Flex wiki - Wiki Hosting
A wiki hosting community where you can create your own wiki or change someone else's wiki.

Media Wiki - Wiki Software
This is the wiki software that is used by Wikipedia, Wiki source, and Wiktionary to create their wiki's. Get a copy of this wiki software for yourself.

Netomat - Wiki Hosting
Share your pictures and other files, write text, even draw on this wiki hosting site. This is your own wiki site that you can use to communicate and share things with your friends and family for free with this wiki hosting site.

Socialtext - Wiki's for Workgroups
Have your whole workgroup add their thoughts all in the same place on this wiki hosting site. Instead of sending emails around, post your messages, files, projects and other documents to the site and let everyone see them all at the same time on your wiki.

Wetpaint Wikis
Create your own wiki about anything you want. Network with other Wetpaint members and blog if you want to.

TWiki - Wiki's For Workgroups
Looks like a regular intranet site except that this wiki is completely editable by your team members. Design documents and projects, manage documents, use as a message board and much more to keep your members informed and updated with your wiki.

Wikia - Wiki Search Engine
This Wiki is a search engine. Once you sign up for the wiki you can add sites to this wiki search engine.

WikiBios.com - A Biography for Everyone
Write your own Bio. Let your friends add to your bio. Find your friend's bio and add your own stories to it.

Wikicities - Wiki Hosting
This wiki hosting site is a collection of wiki Web sites that you can edit. You can also start your own wiki in Wikicities.

Wikipedia - Wiki Encyclopedia
Edit and add your own thoughts and facts to this online wiki encyclopedia. This is an encyclopedia like no other. Because it's a wiki the readers get to write it. If you see something you know is wrong, change it, that's what wiki's are for.

Wiki Site
"Wiki-site allows to open and manage a free wiki site with the same site engine of Wikipedia - for Free!!"

X Wiki - Wiki Hosting
Create your wiki here with this wiki hosting site and you can take advantage of documente templates, inline editing, skins and more.

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