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Staying Safe Online; Internet Privacy Advice

Keeping your personal information safe online requires taking precautions. Learn about Internet privacy and online safety issues in these articles about how to be safe online.

22 Ways To Adjust Privacy Settings In Facebook
These 22 privacy settings allow you to keep your private information safe when networking on Facebook. By adjusting your privacy settings, you'll achieve more online safety.

How Much Information Is Too Much If You Want to Stay Safe Online?
What should you share with the public and what should you keep off the Web to stay safe online?

Make MySpace a Private Space to Stay Safe Online
MySpace does not have to be public. You can make your MySpace page as private or public as you want it to be by changing some settings.

Parent's Guide to Internet Safety for Kids
Simple advice to parents on how to keep your children safe on the Internet besides just using software filters.

4 Things You Can Do to Stop a Facebook Stalker
There are a few things you can do to stop Facebook stalkers who are annoying you from being able to see your profile or contacting you again.

5 Ways To Keep Teens Safe On Facebook
The best way parents can help teen stay safe online, especially on Facebook, is to help them ajust their privacy settings. Here are five adjustments you should help your teen make on Facebook.

6 MySpace Privacy Features for Online Safety
Adjust your MySpace privacy settings to keep strangers from being added to your friend list or to keep spam out of your MySpace comments. Learn the ins and outs of your MySpace privacy settings to stay safe online.

Protect your Internet Privacy, Adjust Your Facebook Wall Privacy Settings
Adjust your Facebook settings to keep your Facebook posts and comments a little more private, unless you want everyone reading them.

Exploring the Facebook Privacy Search Page
If keeping your Facebook photos, videos or even your messages private is important to you, then you should study your Facebook privacy settings. This tutorial explains Facebook's privacy search features.

Kids' Internet Safety Advice
Kids' Internet safety becomes compromised when children start posting personal information online. Teach your children how to stay safe online.

Internet Safety for Kids - Safety Rules for Kids Who Use Computers at Home
If you have a child in the home who has access to your computer, these ten safety rules will help them enjoy the Internet safely.

Privacy Online is Important: Sharing While Protecting Online Safety
For safety's sake, watch what you put on the Web. Internet privacy is elusive but you can learn the basics.

Password Protect Web Pages for Online Safety
Create Web pages that only your friends and family will have access to using a password to help you stay safe online.

Internet Safety - Internet Security
Internet safety and security can become a problem if you give out too much information about yourself. Just like in the real world, if you leave your address laying around you never know who will pick it up.

Why is Internet Safety Important?
The Web gets more dangerous as time goes by and hackers get smarter and more experienced. This article explains the dangers lurking on the Internet and what makes it so hard to stay safe online.

Safety on the Web: Using Rating Software to Self-Regulate
"Internet ratings are a way for the Web to self-regulate. Learn how easy it is to indicate the content of your site and allow families to browse in comfort."

Real Dangers to Kids Online & Top 5 Internet Safety Tips
Follow these rules and teach your kids to follow them and keep them safe when they are online.

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