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Twitter Advertising API Allows Greater Ad Automation


Twitter rolled out the new Twitter advertising API this week, announcing that it's opening a window (a small one, initially) into its database to a limited number of third-party social media and ad management software partners.

Officially called the Twitter Ads API (API stands for advanced programming interface,) it's designed to let social media managers provide their clients with better tools for managing advertising campaigns on Twitter.

Before the the Twitter advertising API was released, any merchant wanting to advertise through the promoted tweets and promoted accounts programs had to buy ads directly from Twitter and manage the campaigns using the company's limited tools.

But in recent months Twitter began working with a few third-party social media software vendors in an effort to make ad management easier by integrating their social media dashboards with Twitter's ad program.

In other words, Twitter is giving select outside software makers direct access to its advertising database so that advertisers can place ads on Twitter, say, from inside the Hootsuite interface, rather than having to go to Twitter.com to do so.

Twitter Advertising API Opens to Five Automation Vendors

To kick off the program, Twitter selected five companies and enabled their tools to integrate with Twitter's for managing ads. Depending on the tools being used, that means in some cases merchants can now manage Twitter ad campaigs in a more integrated fashion with those on other social channels.

The five initial vendors named were:
  • Adobe Systems (which offers an ad-management tool called Media Optimizer)
  • HootSuite (one of the most popular dashboards for managing tweets and other social media)
  • Salesforce (which is rolling out a new social advertising platform)
  • SHIFT (which offers a program called GraphEffect)
  • TBG Digital ( a social media ad agency)

In a blog post announcing the Ads API, Twitter's April Underwood wrote that it was "just the start of our efforts that will give advertisers more choice. . ." Her post suggested the new tools will help merchants produce higher quality ads on Twitter, perhaps by simplifying the process and easing some of the technical challenges of campaign management with a wider choice of automation tools.

Twitter invited other developers who want to participate in the Ads API to apply here. More information about advertising on Twitter is available at its ad pages in Twitter for Business.

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