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Spell Check Your Pages

Spell Check Tools and Software


Spell checking your Web pages is very important if you want to have a good Web site. People don't like to read things that have a lot of spelling errors. It makes the pages look like a child wrote them. If that's not the kind of impression you want to put forth then you need to put forth the effort to make sure that your pages are error free.

Many HTML and Web page editors come with spell checkers. This is the easiest way to spell check your work. Just in case your HTML or Web page editor does not have a spell checker here are some places on the Web were you can go and have your work spell checked and some software to help you with your spell checking.

  • J Spell - HTML Forms & Java Spell Checker
    This is software that you can download on your computer that will do all your spell checking for you. It has the capability to spell check HTML and Java pages. There is also a personal version that works with Internet Explorer. The cost of the personal version is only $12.95 but the cost of the HTML version is $189.95.

  • Spell Check .net - Online Spell Checking
    Enter one word to be spell checked or enter a whole body of text. This is an online spell checker that will help you spell check the body of your Web page in a matter of seconds. Just copy and paste your text into the box and spell check your text.

  • AutoSpell Spell Check Software for Home & Personal & for Developers
    The free version of this Spell Check program that is designed to spell check Web sites is good on all servers that support CGI. Check with your server before downloading this program. There's also a version for Word Pad. If you use Word Pad to do your Web page coding then this may be the version that you want. This one is not free but only costs $9.95.

  • As-You-Type - Real-Time Spell Checker And Text Expander
    Not only will this software spell check your text while you are typing it, but it will also learn your typing habits and correct your spelling for you. This will make your typing faster because you will no longer have to stop to fix your spelling errors. You can have this real-time spell checker software for just $29.95.

  • Net Mechanic - Spell Check Online
    Paste in your Web page address and choose from some of their options and you will have your page spell checked and the results emailed right to you so you can do your corrections any time you want. If you prefer to get your results online just leave out your email address and you will get your page spell checked right there on their site. Have 20 pages spell checked at once or sign up for their full version for $50-$200 per year and also get link checking, HTML check, browser compatibility check and load time check.

  • Web Browser Spell Check
    This software will help you spell check your Web site before you submit your pages to your server. It costs $200 per domain.

  • Dictionary .com - Spell Check Your Own Way
    Want to look up the words yourself? Here is the dictionary online for your use. There is also a Thesaurus, writing tips and much more to help you write better and spell better.

  • Merriam Webster Online - Check Your Spelling With The Most Popular Dictionary
    Use the dictionary or thesaurus and also try the unabridged dictionary. You can also get a free dictionary search box to put on your Web site.

  • More Spell Check Tools and Software

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