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Social Networking is the fastest growing Internet activity. Learn how to navigate top social networks and keep up with the newest ones in this super guide to getting the most out of social networking sites.
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  4. Social Networks By Name (25)
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  10. MySpace (145)

Time Spent Social Networking Growing Fast
The amount of time people spend on social networking is growing so quickly that social networks are overtaking the Internet's original top sites like Yahoo as people's primary homes online.

10 Great Social Networking Tips and Tricks
These tips for smarter use of social networks will help you get more out of your time spent online. They include 10 ways to be more strategic about how you communicate and connect with others on the Internet.

How to Twitter Tutorial - Get Started Using Twitter
Learn how to use Twitter quickly in this illustrated tutorial that goes step by step through creating a Twitter profile, sending your first message and deciding on a strategy for using Twitter.

What is Yammer and Why Do People Use It?
Yammer provides private social networking tools for businesses and other organizations.

10 Step Tutorial for Using Social Mention
A step-by-step guide to using Social Mention to track mentions of you, your company or other topics on social networks and social media services. Follow these 10 easy steps and learn basic ways to use the free social search version of Social Mention.

Social media vs. Social networks - How Are They Different?
Social networking means something slightly difference than "social media." Here's how to tell the difference.

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