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Social Marketing Tools, Tips and Strategies

Social marketing is the use of social media for marketing. Learn about strategies and tools for social media marketing and reaching target audiences in these articles.

Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing increasingly is how businesses communicate with customers. Here's an overview of the trend.

Understand Social Media's Role in Marketing
Social media is playing a large role in business marketing these days, as this article explains.

Social Analytics: Making Sense of Social Media
Social analytics is the growing field of science that helps people and companies monitor and measure social media conversations in order to communicate more effectively. This overview explains strategies and tools for using social analytics smartly.

Twitter Advertising Tutorial
Twitter offers powerful marketing tools to advertisers. This tutorial explains the options, how they work and are priced. It's easy to create your own ads and run them on Twitter, learn how in this article.

How SMO Works: Optimizing Content for Social Media
SMO or social media optimization refers to strategies for gaining wider social media distribution.

LinkedIn Advertising Tutorial
Learn how to create and place ads on LinkedIn using the network's self-service advertising tools online.

Top Social Media Management Tools
These social media management apps are designed to let you manage multiple social networking accounts and platforms from within a single interface.

Build Your Marketing Network Online: Social Networking Communities
Social networking communities are a good way to build a business marketing network online.

Inbound Marketing - Social Media Users Seeking Brand Contact
Some people using social media seek out contact with brands online, here's what that means for inbound marketing.

Return on Engagement of Social Media
Return on engagement is a difficult but helpful concept to help businesses understand how much time and effort to invest in social media.

YouTube Accounts for Business
Most businesses can benefit from sharing videos on YouTube; here's how to set up a YouTube account for business.

Social Networking for Business
Social networking for businesses is a key trend in the corporate environment. Learn how companies are using social media and why.

Social Business Definition
"Social business" has two key meanings. Typically it refers to businesses that are designed to spur social change, but increasingly technologists are co-opting the phrase to refer to business use of social media.

Hearsay Social Offers Social Enterprise Service
Hearsay Social provides social media software as a service to companies with large sales forces or local stores.

Social Media Monitoring Guide
Businesses know they need to monitor social media as well as participate, but knowing where to start can be bewildering. This overview explains the social media monitoring landscape

Pinterest Business Account Set Up Is Free and Easy
Pinterest business accounts are simple to set up and confer some advantages over using the network under your personal name.

2013 Super Bowl Advertisers Love Social Media
Advertisers ramped up their social media efforts tied to TV commercials for the Super Bowl

Twitter Ads API Makes Advertising Easier
The Twitter Advertising API opens Twitter to various automation vendors to streamline ad management on Twitter.

Adobe Social Media Service
Adobe Social Media provides subscription software to measure the business performance of social media activities.

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