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People Talk About Themselves


On the next page of this article you can read why some men and women write personal Web sites. Discover that some people write their Web sites solely to write about themselves and some write to tell about hobbies and interests they have. On this page I'm going to show you some great personal Web sites I have found that do just that. On these personal sites you will see online journals and diaries, newsletters, personal pages, wedding pages, photos, pictures, poems and more.

Claus Sørensen's Website - Claus has been all around the world. His Website is full of pictures from all the countries he's been to for you to see. Some of the countries he's been to include Fiji, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. (Graphic heavy, takes a while to load, but worth it.)

Sean's Scrapbook - Sean's site has games you can play, a photo gallery, and some things he's written, and of course a page all about him. That's not all, there's more here to see so make sure you take a few minutes and stroll through.

PirateFrog - He makes great use of scripts. The picture on his main page is lovely. On this site you will learn about all the places around the world that he has been and see photos. There is a lot of stuff here to see so make sure you have some time.

Heather & Rich's Wedding - Heather and Rich were married on July 31, 1999 at Long Island, NY. Come see their wonderful wedding Web site.

Womb of Creation - Come see one of the first sites created by a woman. It has been growing for years and is filled with poetry, personality, artwork, photos and honesty.

I Wants Page - This woman can bake goodies and fight crime. Come find out what kind of help her site can offer you.

Anonymomma'a World - Who is this woman? We don't know but come browse through here personal Web site and find out about her and find out how a paper bag can be an accessory!

Out of Africa - One Man's Journey - Each one of us is on a journey; each one of us has a history, from our birth to that time when life ends. The distance between those two points in time is our journey. The pages of this website are reflections of part of my journey.

WaterWorld - Go to the edge of the water and under the sea with James. The graphics on this site are out of this world but they make the page load slow and the music sound funny.

Beautiful ... Brilliant ... Unique ... - This single man is looking for a job and love. He has education and experience in programming and Web design. There is also personal information and pictures on his site so you can get to know him better.

Why People Post Personal Web Sites - From The People Themselves

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