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Send Me Your Money - Worst of the Web

Asking for money is not something new to the Net. See these begger sites and find out what they want you to send them. Sometimes the worst of the Web is the best on the Web.

The Amazing "Send Me A Dollar" Website
He wants you to send him a dollar just for the fun of it.

The Deal
She wants to stay home with her baby. Her husband told her that if she pays off their major debt she can.

Ed Needs a Hummer
Ed wants you to help him get the vehicle of his dreams, a Hummer. He says if everyone send him a dollar he could buy one outright.

Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates
He wants you to give him money so he can become richer than Bill Gates.

Save Karyn
She paid of $20,000 in credit card debt from people sending her money on her Web site. Wow!

Send Me To Australia
This kid needs your help to go to Australia on an educational tour. He needs $3,000. Can you help?

The Society to Prevent My Employment
Natalie wants you to send her money to help keep her in the lifestyle she is accustomed to. Why? So she doesn't have to work, of course.

The Ultimate Adventure
"The website is about the proposed world tour. The team is currently in the process of trying to get sponsorships, support and help in any form possible to make the tour possible. It also profiles the members of the team and their previous tours."

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