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Pinterest Tools, Tutorials and Tips

Pinterest is a popular social network for saving, managing and sharing images. Learn how to get the most out of Pinterest.com and how other people are using it.

Guide to Pinterest - Understanding Pinterest.com
Pinterest.com is a popular photo-sharing service and social network. This overview explains how millions of people are using Pinterest to create and share image collections of interesting material they find online.

A Pinterest invite is what you need to join the popular image sharing social...
A Pinterest invite is required and easy to get to join the popular image sharing social network. Learn the main two ways to get your Pinterest invite and Pinterest username.

Adding a Pin It Button to Your Web Browser
The Pin It button is a bookmarking tool that allows you to click on images from any website and save them at Pinterest.com. Learn how to add the Pinterest button to your bookmarks bar.

Pinterest Board: Guide to Creating, Managing and Navigating Image Boards
The Pinterest board is what makes this social network for images really interesting. It has social networking built into each image board. Learn how to navigate Pinterest boards to find images that interest you most.

Sites Like Pinterest Are Appearing All Across the Web
The leading visual sharing social network is triggering all kinds of copycats as developers rush to create sites similar to Pinterest, often adding twists and variations of their own.

Pinterest Apps: Using Pinterest on Your Cell Phone
A review of Pinterest apps for smart phones and tablets.

Social Bookmarking Tools and Tips
Social bookmarking tools help people collaborate to organize online resources and other Web-based information.

20 Pinterest Clones
Pinterest clones are increasingly prevalent, especially in niche topics. These 20 clones offer their own takes on visual bookmarking.

How Pinterest Search Works
Pinterest guided search lets users filter queries with popular tags on the image-sharing network. Here's how it works.

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