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MySpace.com - Photo Blog Community

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The Bottom Line

Add friend's and family's profiles to your friends list and create a community. Add photos to your profile and add comments and blog posts.


  • Create Your Own Profile Page
  • Add Pictures
  • Write Blogs and Comments
  • Free


  • Not Sure That It Has Password Protection


  • Create and customize your own profile.
  • Add photos to your profile.
  • Add comments to the photos.
  • Create blog posts on your profile.
  • Build a community.

Guide Review - MySpace.com - Photo Blog Community

MySpace is a service where you can create a whole community of photo blogs. First you create your profile. This is where you add information about yourself. You can customize your profile so it looks and feels the way you want it too.

Once you have your profile created you can add your photos. You can also add comments to your photos so you and your friends will know what's going on in the photos.

Blogging is another feature MySpace offers. Write whole stories if you want to. Keep track of your life and keep in touch with your friends and family.

Create a whole community too, just add other people's profiles to your friends list.

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