1. Technology
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eBoard - Online Communication Tool

For Teachers and Classes

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With eBoard you can post text, links, photos, and documents. This service is primarily for classes and teachers. If you are a teacher or parent running a homeschool this may benefit you.


If you are running a small school or homeschool then the cost is $39/year. You do get a 30 trial membership to try it out first. If you are a bigger school or school district then they offer a discount.


Find out how often your eboard is being used.

Look and Feel

Each board you create for your eboard looks like a sticky note on a cork board. You get 5 tabs for your basic site and 20MB.

What Else?

Let's the parents access the site to see what their child's homework is so they can help their kids keep track. There's a calendar and bulletin board so parents and teachers can keep in touch.

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