1. Technology

Personalized Start Pages to Help You Start Your Day

Start your day each morning with your own personalized start page. Get news, stock quotes, comics, weather and more when you open your browser.

About Shortcuts - Bookmark About's News & Features
You can choose your favorite About.com sites and add them to your shortcuts page. Then when you go to that page you will see all the new things that have been added to the site and can get to them easily.

AOL.com - News, Stocks and Sports
Customizable news, stock quotes, and sports.

Backflip - Your Bookmarks, Sites and Daily Routine
This is a really cool way to start your day. Create your list of pages to visit and then you can go to them one after the other. It's like a tour of all your favorite places.

Compuserve Custom Start Page - News, Stocks, Weather, Sports
Bookmarks, new, sports, reminders, stock quotes, weather, and more.

EarthLink - Email, News, Message Center
Become a member and you will be eligible for all sorts of benefits.

Excite Channel - Weather, Horoscope, News, Comics, Stocks
You can get just about everything from stock quotes to comics to local news. This page was rated the best start page on the Internet by CNET.

Freelink Pages of Links -Use Templates or Your Own Bookmarks
Put all your favorite links here and access them from anywhere.

GO Network - Auctions, Movies, News, Web Space
Personalized news, free email, unlimited Web space and much more.

Google Personalized Start Page
Get news, weather, word of the day, and much more. Even get your Gmail email from here.

Google Personalized Search
Choose the search terms that relate to you and create your own search profile. Now when you do searches they will be relevent to what you are actually searching for.

Home Office Executive - Stock, Trademark Search
Has everything you could want in a start page and more.

ItsMyLinks - All Your Favorite Links On One Page
"All your favorite websites linked in a single page... all just in a click. Yes, ItsMyLinks makes it possible for you. You don't need to remember the long address that take you to your online bills, mails, maps, news or favorite websites. You create your page as YOU want - categories and website names that makes you remember and easy to navigate."

Jesus Folk - Bible online, Verses, Study, Christian Topics
A Christian Start Page with links to the best Christian sites, searches and a free email address, something for everyone.

My Bookmarks - Your Bookmarks Online
Organize all your favorite bookmarks in one place and then use it as your start page.

Netscape - Email, Calendar, Search, News, Weather, Stocks
Weather, stock quotes, bookmarks, zodiac, email, and much more.

"Pageflakes is the fun and easy way to personalize the Web and make it your own. Get all of your favorites on one personal homepage, including news, sports, e-mail, local events, search, photos, music, videos, social networks - and just about anything else you do on the Web at school, work and at home."

Start Page with RSS news feeds, sticky notes and bookmarks.

Rock Mall - Cartoons, TV Guide, Search, Weather, Dictionary
Cartoons, address book, notepad, search, dictionary, and more.

USE4 - Use 4 Personal Pages to Create This Personal Page
Why have only one start page when you can have 4. Choose up to 4 of your favorite start pages and use then all at the same time.

Yahoo - News, Stocks, Cartoons, Weather, Calendar, Bookmarks
Provided here is U.S. and international news as well as weather and local TV listings.

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