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FlushTheWeb.com, Worst of the Web Search Engine


What is FlushTheWeb.com? - www.FlushTheWeb.com

For all of you who love to look through lists of pages that are funny, unique, different and bizarre this search engine is for you. This search engine is dedicated entirely to Web sites that are deemed "worst of the web".

Browse through the large list of categories in the directory or use the search box to find the kind of site that you are looking for. Some of the sites listed are ones you may have seen before because they have been around for awhile. Others will be harder for you to find anywhere else on the Net because they are either new or not well known. With this "worst of the Web" search engine you will be able to find them all.

FlushTheWeb.com lists it's links manually, that means that there are real people who review and add each site to the database. You can send in your suggestions for sites to be added and they will be reviewed within a matter of days to decide whether they should be added or not. It is laid out very much the same way as any other search engine and they plan on having more than 20,000 worst of the Web links in to the directory very soon.

What Will You Find There?

As I browsed through this site I was amazed at the kinds of sites you can find here. I love weird and unusual things so for me this was great fun. There are 32 categories listed on the home page. I'm going to give you some examples of what you will find in a few of those categories.

Angry About Something


  • Insults.net - Insults of all kinds, take your pick.

  • The Toilet Museum - See, and hear, toilets that this man has had the pleasure of taking pictures of and recording.



  • Guess the Name - Think of the name of movie or TV show and watch as it guesses what you're thinking.

  • Who's Bad - Put Michael Jackson's face back together.

HTML Gone Bad

Osamas Friends


Personal Web Pages

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