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Udacity Courses Are Free


Udacity logo

Udacity logo

Udacity is an online learning platform that started in early 2012 with a few free courses open to anyone who wanted to take them.

The company is a privately held startup launched by two Stanford University professors who wanted to lower the cost of delivering education and take high-quality education to a large group of people online.

Udacity offers certificates of completion to people who finish its online courses. The instruction typically consists of short videos and exercises that students complete at their own pace, on their own time, with no deadlines or official textbooks. Students complete problem sets in most classes.

Udacity Forums: Social Media Learning Tools

The courses offer forums or online venues for students to form study groups and advise one another to enhance the learning experience.

Courses also have final exams, some of which may be proctored for those who wish to earn a certificate of completion or even credit through affiliated institutions.

Udacity maintains a blog with some commentary from professors and others about the experience. More information is available on the Udacity FAQ page and course catalog.

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