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MySpace IM (Instant Messenger)


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Download and Use MySpace IM (Instant Messenger)
Download MySpace IM

Download MySpace IM

Download MySpace IM (instant messenger) to your computer and chat with all your MySpace friends. MySpace IM does a lot more than just let you chat too. You can view profiles, send alerts, send photos, stream music and much more. You can even add a MySpace IM button to your MySpace profile or personal website.

Here's how you can start using MySpace IM:

  • Go to the MySpace IM page.

  • Click on the "Download MySpace IM" button.

  • Download the file to your computer's desktop.

  • Open the file.

  • Follow the directions from the download file.

  • When you have finished downloading, open MySpace IM by choosing to have it open at the end of downloading.

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