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MySpace IM (Instant Messenger)


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Use MySpace IM to Chat With Other MySpace'ers
MySpace IM

MySpace IM

Use MySpace IM to keep in touch with your MySpace friends like never before. With MySpace IM you can instant message your friends anytime you want. On top of that MySpace IM lets you do many MySpace things with just one click. Using MySpace IM you can view profiles, send alerts, send photos, stream music and much more.

MySpace IM Homepage (open this link in a new tab or browser window so you can follow along with the tutorial)

  • view MySpace profiles with one click on your MySpace IM box

  • send MySpace IM alerts to your MySpace friends

  • send photos with drag and drop with MySpace IM

  • stream music from your friends profiles right from MySpace IM

  • log into MySpace email, bulletins and more with one click on the MySpace IM box

  • get alerted on your Myspace IM when you have MySpace friend requests, messages and comments from MySpace

  • picture and balloon chat views to help you chat with your friends on your MySpace IM

  • add a MySpace IM button to your MySpace profile or personal website
Learn How To Use MySpace IM

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