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What Is MySpace?

Pros and Cons of MySpace


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MySpace.com is a place where you can create a profile page that you can use to meet new friends. MySpace has a lot more to offer than that though. Find out what you can do with MySpace.

MySpace Pros

  • Big Network: If you are looking to meet or find people MySpace is a good place to look. There are lots of people on MySpace so finding people there is easy.

  • Multimedia: MySpace has music and videos you can add to your site for free.

  • Advanced Editing: Add all sorts of things to your MySpace profile. Since you can use HTML and JavaScript in your MySpace editor you are open to adding almost anything.

  • Keep In Touch: With email, blogs, IM, forums, bulletins and groups you can keep in touch with all your MySpace friends.

MySpace Cons

  • Editor Mishaps: Find templates online for MySpace,and add the code to your profile. Or create your own unique profile page directly from MySpace itself. The MySpace blog offers ways to change the colors, backgrounds and other things but you need to know the codes to enter to do it.

  • Anyone Can Contact You: There is a privacy setting for your MySpace profile but that means no one can see your profile. MySpace offere no way to allow people to see your profile but still keep them from emailing your and trying to add you to their own MySpace friend list. You may get a lot of people trying to add you to their MySpace friend list and if you don't want just anyone sending you messages then this can become a big bother.

  • Options Are Hard To Find: There are many things you can do on your MySpace profile that are not obvious. Creating a MySpace slideshow is one of those things. Adding HTML templates is another. Adding other HTML or JavaScripts is yet another. As you browse MySpace you will see some pretty amazing things on some of the MySpace profiles you come across and you may wonder how they are done because MySpace doesn't tell you.

Reviews of MySpace (the good and the bad)

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