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6 MySpace Privacy Features

Privacy and Security Features MySpace Offers


Maybe you want to keep strangers from being added to your MySpace friend list. Or you want to keep spam out of your MySpace comments. Or you want to keep people you don't know from reading your MySpace profile. These are all things you can do on MySpace. Click "My Account" on MySpace and let me show you how.

1. Who Can View My Profile?

You have three privacy choices on MySpace as to who can view your profile. One of the choices is, of course, "everyone". If you don't want any kids to be able to see your profile you can opt to have your profile seen by only those who are 18 and older. If you yourself are under 18, or just a private person, you can, and should, make it so your profile is only viewable to your friends.

2. Who Can Share My Photos?

There is an option you can use in the MySpace privacy settings to let other people share or email your photos to other people. If this option is unchecked you can keep your photos from being either shared or emailed. If you have photos of family members up on your website you may want to uncheck this option so other people can't share or email your photos.

3. Who Can Send Me Messages?

In the "spam" section of your MySpace spam settings you can choose to have only your MySpace friends send you messages, or have anyone on MySpace be able to send you messages.

4. How Do I Keep Strangers From Asking For a Friend Request?

There's also a feature on friend requests to give you more security by making the person requesting friendship to enter their last name and email address so you can verify who they are before approving their friend status.

5. How Can I Keep Out Spam?

Opt to use a security feature called CAPTCHA to make sure the messages you're receiving are from real people and not spam bots. CAPTCHA is a security box that makes the sender of the message type in a code before he can send you a message. If the code is right, the message goes through to you. This can be used for messages, friend requests and comments.

6. How Can I Keep People From Posting Erroneous Comments?

Also in the spam settings is the option to make sure that no comment gets posted without your approval. Comments made will come to you first, then you can choose to post them or delete them. You can also choose to make it so only your MySpace friends can post comments to your profile.

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