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12 Ways To Make Your MySpace Profile Better


A MySpace profile is a personal page on the Net that's all about you. You create it, you design it and you write about you on it. MySpace makes it easy to personalize your profile by letting you add photos, videos and other things to your profile in a matter of a few clicks. It also offers a profile editor that lets you change the whole design if you want.

There's more to a MySpace profile than just pretty pictures and cool videos though. You need to know what to write and how to write it. Writing about the right things will keep people coming back to your site again to see what's new and what's interesting.

  1. Write All About You - You are, after all, what your MySpace profile is all about. So write about you. Mention things like: what you like to do, any hobbies you have, what kind of work you do or plan to do, tell about your family and your friends. Make Your MySpace profile interesting, make people want to actually read it and look further.

  2. Interesting Facts - Do you do anything, unusual. Maybe a hobby of yours that everybody doesn't do? Mention it on your profile. If you participate in sports or do volunteer work, write it in. These are the kinds of things that make people want to read your profile and find out more about you.

  3. No Fluff - Don't say things like, "I like music and surfing online". It doesn't mean anything. Most people like music and if you have a MySpace profile, you obviously like being online. Write things like, "My favorite band is AC/DC, and my favorite song of theirs is Back in Black". See how that describes who you are much better.

  4. Add Photos - Your friends want to see what you look like and they want to see photos of your friends and family. Show them, add photos. Photos are the one thing you should always have because people love photos. Even if they don't like reading, and don't read your profile, they'll still look through your photos, maybe even your whole photo album.

  5. Add Music - What's your favorite song? Add it to your profile. Then not only can your friends read about your favorite music, they can share in it too.

  6. Choose a Video - What kind of video you choose for your MySpace profile says something about who you are. There are lots of MySpace videos out there, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

  7. Keep a Blog - There's nothing more personal than a blog. This is your space to write about what goes on in your daily life and also write down your thoughts and desires. People love reading other people's blogs. Make it good. The more you write, the more reasons they have to come back to your profile and read it again.

  8. Personalize - Add colors and backgrounds to your MySpace profile. You don't have to be stuck with the same old boring MySpace profile that MySpace gives you. You can make MySpace look any way you want it to. Change the whole layout of your MySpace profile. Beware, if you add loud colors and busy backgrounds, your profile may become unreadable. Choose backgrounds and colors that are attractive and easy to read.

  9. Schools and Companies - List every single place you've ever gone to school or worked. This will make it a lot easier for people who have known you in the past to find you on MySpace. Also, when class reunions come up, you'll be invited.

  10. No Private Stuff - Don't post photos of you drunk at a party or doing something illegal. Don't write about how you did something and got away with it. Your boss, your parents, your spouse, or maybe even the police may come across your MySpace profile and they won't be very happy.

  11. Stay Safe - Never ever post your address, phone number, school or place of work on your MySpace profile. Even though you want your MySpace profile to be personal and about you, you still want to stay safe. There are some people out there that are not nice, be personal, just not too personal.

  12. Change It Up - Redecorate once in a while. Change the theme, maybe do something special for the holidays or other special events. Move things around. Add new photos or move old ones to the front. Possibly even rewrite your profile once in a while. Don't bore your readers. Create new and interesting things for your readers to come back to.
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